Perfect Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake Decoration Ideas

Looking for heart-shaped chocolate cake decoration ideas at home? Cake decorating is one of the many amazing skills anyone could have. If you want to learn a few cakes decorating tips and techniques, you can actually find a lot of resources about it.

For sure, you are one of those who want to have that unique heart shape cake decoration, and of course, you want the receiver to be really happy and impressed with your decorating skills, so learn a few cake decorating tips and techniques that you might find useful.

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Firstly, Decide on how you will decorate your heart shape cake. It helps to draw it on paper or have a draft especially if you intend to make a complex decoration or you have a theme in mind. These days, cake decorating does not only involve the usual floral and decorative borders, it has gone into decorating real flowers or having some 3D decorations of some baseball or camera or designer bags that are also made out of fondant or icing and can be eaten along with the cake. In fact, some professionals even went beyond making the usual square or round ones but into those that resemble designer bags, or cameras or shoes, or some cartoon characters. Of course, you can unleash your creativity when it comes to decorating a heart shape chocolate cake and making an impression on the receiver.

If you are just starting or still looking for heart shape chocolate cake decorating ideas and techniques, here are a few of them:

1. Make sure you have placed the icing evenly. Whatever you want to put on top or at its sides, make sure that the icing is even and smooth, as your decorations will always be nice and beautiful if it is evenly iced. You can use parchment paper to smooth it out as well.

chocolate cake decorating ideas

2. Decorate your chocolate cake only after you have placed it in the freezer to prevent them from turning into crumbs once sliced. Cooling it will make the crumbs more compact and thus will avoid this to happen.

chocolate cake decorating ideas

3. If you are decorating a heart shape cake during summer, especially for outdoor weddings, make sure you have ingredients that will not melt under the sun and ruin your creation. For example, keep in mind that buttercream can melt under the sun, so you may want to add a little shortening to it. Better yet, use fondant in decorating your cakes during summer to prevent ingredients from melting.

chocolate cake decoration ideas at home

4. If you want to preserve the colour of your creation, especially if it will be displayed outdoors, use cane sugar in icing rather than using beet sugar (brown sugar). And, if you are using a paler colour for your icing, you can use glycerin as exposure to the sun may make your cake look even paler.

Aside from the technical side of decorating a heart-shaped cake, also explore other creative ways on how to present your creation. Think of the receiver's interests, likes, or passion, and from there, you can get ideas on what to put on top of the chocolate cake. You can create a miniature baseball bat, create miniature sunglasses, or anything that interests the receiver. Browse the internet, mostly Pinterest for more interesting chocolate cake design ideas to create and recreate your favourite themes!

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