Personalised Gift Ideas for Women over 50

You love giving gifts but the hardest part of the job is to find that perfect one that will instantly bring a beautiful smile to your face. With a hundred of choices to choose from; it will surely be challenging to pick just one or two. To make the gift selecting process easier narrow down your choices. Firstly, from different types of gifts like apparels, beauty and grooming, health and fitness, technology, and personalised; go with personalised gifts. Will tell you why? Personalised gifts have sentimental value that is hard to find in other gifts. Customised tokens make for cherishable keepsake gifts.

Now, within the vast category of personalised gifts, hand-pick the one you think is fit for the recipient. To help you decide what to choose, we have curated a list of personalised gift ideas for women over 50.

Personalised Gift Ideas for Women

1) Jewellery: You must have seen women flaunting engraved jewellery and have thought to yourself, it’s beautiful. Indeed. Engraved jewellery makes for a timeless piece of jewellery that women will love to flaunt. You can gift bracelets, earrings, rings, pendants with personalised texts, initials or pictures.

Personalised jewellery gift for women

2) Smartphone wallet: It has become a necessity to have a smartphone wallet. This is one way of keeping your phone safe and hands free all the time. Such wallets come with compartments for keeping cash and cards as well. Get it engraved with the initials of the recipient and it will become synonymous with thoughtful gifts for women over 50.

Smartphone wallet a perfect gift for women

3) Travel Pouch Set: Make traveling organized and exciting for the wanderlust friend, relative, or member of your family with this gift choice. Travel pouch set of different sizes to store all the travel essentials in one place. These come quite handy for storing makeup products, earphones and wires, keys, and other tinnie tiny things. Get it personalized with the name to adorn it with a personal touch and make it easier for her to locate in a stockpile of clothes.

Travel pouch set for women

4) Insulated Tumblers: Personalised creative creations for the woman in your life. Vacuum-insulated tumblers keep the beverage at the same temperature until the last sip. These tumblers maintain twice the heat and cold resistance compared to the glass or plastic ones. Personalise it with the name for that special feels. She can carry these to her workplace as well.

Personalised insulated tumblers for women

5) Eyebrow Kit: When a woman hits her 50s, she may not become less beauty conscious. Not a mandatory thing, but if you know a woman who has put a stop to her frequent salon visits; she needs an eyebrow kit. The kit has everything to keep her brows beautiful and in-shape. Get it printed with her name just to make her believe it is just meant for her.

Eyebrow kit a unique gift for women

6) Tablet/Recipe Book Holder: In her 50s, she must have taken retirement from the official duties, but she is never off duty when it comes to cooking and kitchen. Make her cooking time more pleasurable by gifting a personalised tablet/recipe book holder.

Recipe book holder for women

7) Trinket Box: A trinket box for her precious gems. She can use the trinket box to keep her jewellery pieces in one place, safe and secure. Personalised trinket box will make for a stunning decor piece as well as a keepsake gift.

Personalised trinket box for women

8) Plant: Beautify her life and home by gifting a potted plant. Choose a personalised planter with her picture or name. As the plant continues to grow, your love and bond will develop stronger. If she has less time to devote to the plant care requirements, you can go with a succulent plant.

Personalised plant gifts for women

These were the best personalised gifts for women in their 50s that will surely widen the curves and turn the cheeks pink in happiness.