Personalised Raksha Bandhan Gifts To Try This Rakhi Season

"There's no other love like the love for a brother. There's no other love like the love from a brother." -Astrid Alauda

One of the purest kinds of love is that which a brother holds for his sister and vice-versa. Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi, as it is popularly called is specially commemorated across every Indian household as it celebrates the lifelong vow that a brother takes to protect their sisters. “Raksha'' means protection and “Bandhan'' means the bond. Hence, the thread of protection or Rakhi is tied by every loving sister on the wrist of their brother to strengthen this beautiful bond till eternity. This festival though arrives in the month of Shravan on a full moon or Purnima day, people start to shop for it throughout the year. As with changing times, just a rakhi won’t be sufficient to mark this pious bond of affection with. Hence, people like to shop for some thoughtful, uber-cool rakhi gifts along with a beautiful price of rakhi. And when we talk about gifts, then personalised Raksha Bandhan gifts are the new talk of the town! Being the newest and the trendiest gifts of this time, personalised gifts for brother on rakhi will be an instant heart-pleaser for your beloved bro. As Rakhi is a festival which emphasizes a lot of sentiments, emotions of a brother-sister duo, personalised rakhi gifts are sure to remain close to every brother’s heart and will be cherished till the very end. So, below we have mentioned a few trendy personalised rakhi gift options that you would really show what your brother means to you!

Personalised Raksha Bandhan Gifts

1. Canvas Prints

Making a modern, chic decor piece, canvas prints are like the best artistic personalised rakhi gift, made possible till date. It’s time to take out all those nostalgia stricken photo albums which are covered with thick layers of dust in your storeroom and make the best possible use of it by turning into canvas prints. You can choose the size and quality as per the wall, you wish to fill these lovely canvases and would like to surprise your brother with.

Canvas Prints

2. Cushions

Somewhere between remote fights and pillow fights, you guys grew up! Not just while remembering all these nok-jhoks, but also there were times when you guys were (or still are) each other’s comfort zone. But with changing times, it has changed! So, pass a lovely personalised cushion to cheer him up, this Raksha Bandhan. Get some cool yet weird pictures of your childhood printed over the cushion and let happy tears roll down his eyes as receiving it as a priceless rakhi gift.


3. Mugs

If he can neither do without a cup of chai or coffee, every now and then nor he can do without your sarcasm, then gift him with a quirky mug, this Rakhi. Make his every sip blissful by passing all your love over a love-filled personalised mug.


4. Fridge Magnets

Chuck out the idea of gifting a photo frame as a rakhi gift, this year. And upgrade your gifting skills by sharing a glimpse of the lovely bond that you guys share by flaunting it over your refrigerator. Gather some cool crazy pictures of you both and get it imprinted as a rakhi gift for your brother.

Fridge Magnets

5. Keychains

Your brother would be carrying keys for different things - for his scooter/ car, house keys or cupboard keys. As keys lock all the important documents together and protect the essentials from getting stolen away, a keychain will be a sweet reminder for your sweet bro-sis relationship, every time he looks for his essentials. He would also be reminded of you being his important person.


6. Plant Pot

There would be a sister who wouldn’t care about her brother’s good health and prosperity. So, pass a lucky bamboo, jade or tulsi/ aloe vera/ peace lily plant which comes potted in a cool, quirky personalised vase to remind him that there’s no power as strong as that of a sister’s love for her brother.

Plant Pot

7. Cake

Rakhi is no less than a celebration for all Indians and as a cake is considered a prerequisite for every celebration, a personalised cake makes a great rakhi gift for your brother. Printed in edible ink, laying as a simple yet heart-melting frosting idea, a personalised or a photo cake is said to be the sweetest form of love.


So, these were a few personalised gifts to be passed on to your brother, this Raksha Bandhan to make it a memorable one. Alo the list of personalised Rakhi gifts doesn’t just end here, it goes on and on and on. To look and to shop some of the best ideas you can absolutely check out some reputed online gift stores to see what they have to offer, compare the price and then proceed for ordering. Make the most of this day by showering your love over your brother and letting him know how much you appreciate all the things, he does for you!

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all! :)