19 Personalized Engagement Gift Ideas for Couples

Finally, your betrothed friends are engaged. Yaya! You are as happy as the engaged couple. Perhaps, you are happier than they are. And the best way you could think of to congratulate your favourite couple is by gracing them with gifts. However, they still haven’t a gift registry; you are a bit befuddled what to add to the cart and what to skip.

19 Personalized Engagement Gift Ideas for Couples

We hear you! To help you pick the perfect engagement present for a couple of the year (would be), we vouch for personalised engagement gift ideas. In our opinion, nothing beats the charm of customised gifts because they are creative, thoughtful, beautiful and is best fit for every gender, age, and occasion.

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1. Personalised Mug Set:

Life is wonderful, after coffee or tea! We are sure that the couple is either a coffee or a tea lover. Therefore a personalised mug set with the couple name or photo, a mug set with heart-shape handles that fit into each other like pieces of the same puzzle is a sine qua non.

2. Personalised T-shirts:

No one ever said that they have enough clothes—especially the couple about to get married. So, bespoke shirts are included in the list of personalized engagement gifts. Go for t-shirts with quirky text like Mr. and Mrs. *insert surname,* She is mind, and I am his (with the date of engagement).

3. Personalised Photo Frame:

You have been the personal photographer of the couple. And you have saved some of their best shots for this day! It’s time to frame their loveliest moment (maybe candid one) and gift them to have at their home sweet home.

4. Personalised Decanter Set:

Decanter set because you and they are happy. Also, it is the safest personalised gift ideas for a couple. You can personalize the set either with the initials of the couple, their names and engagement date. Cheers to good times!

5. Personalised Mobile Covers:

Like wardrobe makeover, there is a mobile makeover. Yes, gift the couple personalised mobile cases imprinted with pictures or quirky quotes in cool colours. Trust us; they will love a mobile makeover.

6. Personalised Champagne Glasses:

“ Couple who drinks together, stays together” is the new cool. Thanks to you, they will think of their engagement while sipping hard drinks together. You can buy personalised gifts like engraved champagne flutes, bar accessories online

7. Personalised Hearts Four Across Game:

The love for four across game is eternal. Make the game night all the more adorbs for the couple by gifting them four across game personalised with hearts, names of the couple, etc.

8. Personalised Gift Box:

In the hush and rush of wedding preparations, your friends may ignore a few things. This is where you get to play your role. Gift him and her a box stuffed with all the essentials and some quirky stuff customised with their names, quotes, etc.

9. Personalised ScrapBook/Explosion Box:

You have been a witness to their love story. A handmade scrapbook/explosion box exuding the 50-shades of their love in the form of pictures is one of the best-customized gifts ideas for the engaged couple madly in love.

10. Personalised Map:

Oh! The places they will explore together. If they have ever shared with you their bucket list of places they want to visit, it is the gift for them. A personalised map of locations they will visit or a map with the date and time they crossed the path with navigation arrows.

11. Personalised Ring Dish:

Every would-be bride and groom needs a ring dish. Make it more endearing by personalising it with the name and date of the engagement.

12. Personalised Robe:

Every other bride’s Instagram is all about posing pictures in engraved robes. Your bride is no different. Give her a personalised satin robe for the pre-wedding shoot. You can also gift both the bride and groom bespoke robes.

13. Personalised Cushions:

For comfort and convenience. Add a dash of cosiness in their relationship by gifting personalised cushions. Also, you shall always be remembered for your thoughtfulness.

14. Personalised Crockery Set:

Cool gifts are the trend, but traditional ones are forever. Therefore, a crockery set will be of long use to the couple after they say, “ I do.” Don’t forget to personalize it for the extra charm.

15. Personalised Memento:

They will cherish a personalised memento beautifully designed and engraved for years to come.

16. Personalised Star Map:

A gift testifying their bond! A custom constellation map depicting the night they shared the kiss, their constellation stars. Imprint the map with words “ The day the stars aligned.”

17. Personalised Portrait:

Go unique with your gift by giving them a hand-painted portrait, a sketch or a caricature of the couple. Frame it so that it adorns their wall forever.

18. Personalised Recipe Book:

Now, when they are going to get married, they have a lifetime of candle-light dinners, ahead of them. A personalised recipe book with the dishes from their favourite cuisines is the gift that will bring kitchen romance into their life.

19. Personalised Planner:

Planning a wedding is no fun! It is a whirlwind in which many couples get caught up and lose sight of what’s important to them. A personalised wedding planner will give the pals a chance to prioritise their tasks and things that matter to them the most, as a couple.

We are sure you have got a personalised gift for your friends.