Personalized Newborn Baby Gifts To Pamper Your Lil Bundle Of Joy

Welcome your baby to the new world of gifting - wherein you get to show him/her how special he/she is over some of the most trending personalized baby gifts. Personalised gifts hold a special value and special place in one’s heart, forever. And when it comes to pampering some newborn baby with such types of gifts it will become one of the ideal gifts of all time that will be cherished till the very end of time. You can think of pampering the baby with some stunning personalized newborn baby clothes to some other personalised baby boy gifts or baby girl gifts to pamper the little bundle of joy with. The personal touch of love or the memory attached to such a gift is what makes such kinds of gifts so special in the eyes of the recipient. Check out a few options of personalised baby gifts if you have a newborn’s birthday to look forward to and if you are out of ideas to decide what to gift him/her.

10 Personalized Newborn Baby Gifts

Personalised Bib

Newborns take quite some time to develop their motor skills perfectly. Like every time they would end up creating a mess relishing a meal, a personalised bib will make an excellent gift which has got a utility factor etched to it. Get the name of the newborn printed or stitched on to it to make it special for the little one.

Personalised Bib for Newborn Baby

Personalised Blanket

Every year, winters come and one needs to wrap oneself with a warm, cosy blanket. Which is why something like a mini personalised blanket for the little one who just entered in this world makes a great gift and which will be used by the little one with love in the upcoming winter season.

Personalised Blanket for Newborn Baby

Personalised Milk Bottle

To stay healthy and fit every little is dependent on mom’s milk or just regular carton milk. Hence, a cutesy personalised milk bottle makes a great gift for a newborn as he/she can sip some milk as he/she dozes off calmly. Get a quirky quote along with the name of the baby printed over the body of the milk bottle.

Personalised Milk Bottle for little baby

Personalised Onesie

Onesies are one versatile piece of apparel which can be worn by both a newborn baby boy as well as by a newborn baby girl. As it is quite trending as the concept of personalisation itself, it makes a cutesy gift for your cutie patootie as and when you add a personal touch to the onesie and gift it to the baby.

Personalised Onesie Gift for Newborn Baby

Personalised Photo Frame

One of the most classic personalised baby gifts would surely include a personalised photo frame including some of the adorable pictures of the baby. So, if you happen to have some photos of your little munchkin, then get them personalised and framed over a nice photo frame that when he/she grows up ends up feeling nostalgic about it.

Personalised Photo Frame

Personalised Bath Towel

Some babies love to have long nice warm baths, but some are quite terrified. For all the babies belonging to the second category, a soft cutesy personalised bath towel does work like magic. The soft on skin bath towel will say bye-bye to crying and the baby will soon love to take baths for long hours.

Personalised Bath Towel Gift for Newborn

Personalised Piece of Jewellery

For the precious kind of baby, that he/she is, he/she deserves to be pampered with a personalised piece of jewellery which could be made in gold, solitaire or silver metal or even can be designed in some semi-precious element. Get the name of the baby personalised in and as the pendant in a beautiful necklace.

Personalised Piece of Jewellery

Personalised Snow Glow

Snow glows are a piece of decoration or are a kind of keepsakes gift which are cherished for a long period of time. You can pick a snow glow which is somewhat newborn or baby themed and get it personalised with the baby and the birthdate of the baby to make it extra special.

Personalised Snow Glow for Newborns

Personalised Cradle

Cradle is like the home for every baby. It is like that safe place wherein a baby sleeps like a baby panda. So, you can get your little bundle of joy a personalised cradle made as per your desire to make it special for him/her. Once he/she grows up he/she can pass the same on the arrival of his/her child - which is what makes cradle as a gift so special.

Personalised Cradle for Newborn Baby

Personalised Baby Hat

If the parents of the baby are soon to take their little one on his/her first trip to the beach, a personalised baby hat will make an adorable gift which will help the baby to travel in style. Choose pink for baby girl and blue for baby boy.

Personalised Baby Hat

So, which one are you planning to pamper him/her with?