Pet Friendly Flowers

Did you know there are nine wonders of the world? Well, the furry beings (pets) and blossoming petals (flowers) are the natural wonders of the world. While pets are adorable, flowers are beautiful. Pets make our heart rejoice with love; flowers stretch the lips broad. Therefore, happy life is one where pets and flowers co-exist in a union.

pet friendly flowers

But wait! Not all flowers and pets are friends. Yes, your furry ball of love (your dog or cat) may be allergic to your favourite flower in the garden or indoor spaces. Because your tail-wagging baby is your priority and at the same time colourful blossoms are your love, we have prepared a list of pet-friendly flowers so that you keep your hearts (pets and flowers) both close to your heart.

1. Roses

The beauteous flower blossoming with swirling petals has no haters. Not even pets! Because of their eye-catching form and vibrant hues, roses add to any setting a splash of magnificence. In outdoor spaces, blooming roses make the garden look more picturesque. But don’t get fooled by their splendour. Not every rose is innocent. Primrose, desert rose, rosebay, moss rose may be toxic to your furry friends. Also, the thorns of roses is a red flag for cats and dogs because it may cause scratches and wounds.

beauteous roses

2. Orchids

The distinct shape and royal colours of blue and purple of orchids never fail to impress any heart. And by any heart, we mean that even the adorable furry dogs and cats are highly captivated by orchids. If you ever wish to grace a dog lover with flowers, you very well know the choice to go with, it’s orchids. A royal orchid flower bouquet will please both your relationship and the dog.

captivated by orchids

3. Gerbera Daisies

Embrace the selfless love of your dog and cheerfulness of gerbera daisies all day long guilt-free. It is because gerbera daisies are dog-friendly flowers. Flourishing in the most flamboyant colours of yellow, red, pink, orange, gerbera daisy promise to spread joy to every living soul. Still, it would be advisable to keep these flowers out of reach of your dogs.


4. Sunflowers

The mere sight of sunny yellow petals of sunflowers can make anyone’s day ten times brighter. Imagine the heights of happiness when surrounded by sunflowers. Beyond imagination! Even your little munchkins (dogs or cats) will wag their tails in sheer delight because the sun-loving beauties--sunflowers and pets can exist in harmony.


5. Marigolds

The gorgeous annual flowering marigolds flower in shades of yellow, orange, gold. Popularly known as the Herb of the Sun, marigolds are offered to Gods and Goddesses. In this sense, marigolds are auspicious. All things pretty and cute do not harm your pets, and marigold is no different.


6. Lilies

These bell-shaped flowers are classified as non-toxic to only dogs. If you have a pet cat, lilies are a “Big No.” Peace lily, Calla lily, Peruvian lily are considered benign lilies for dogs. Don’t be surprised if you hear someone referring to lilies as online flowers; it is because they are readily available with florists online.


7. African Violet

Make your feline child befriend African violet. The small clusters of white, blue, purple over fuzzy green leaves--African violet flowers are harmless to cats. As African violets are houseplants and cat-friendly flowers, they are ideal to be a part of you and your cat’s life.


Revere the love of pets and the beauty of flowers over these pet-friendly flowers.