17th February- Random Act of Kindness Day. Kill Them With Kindness!

“Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give.” 17th February 2020 allows you and humankind to serve people surrounding you with the greatest gift of humanity, KINDNESS. If you are wondering what’s so special about 17th February 2020? The day is honored as the Random Act of Kindness Day 2020.

History of National Random Acts Of Kindness Day 2020

The historical roots of random acts of kindness Day are steeped in the grounds of Denver, Colorado. In 1995, this day was first created in the U.S. Nine years later; it spread to New Zealand in 2004. The day is backed by the noble idea to make this world a better place to breathe and live. Random words of appreciation, a healing touch, a warm smile cost you nothing, but it can make a world of difference to someone. Small gestures of kindness and care can uplift someone’s mood; it can make someone’s day brighter; it can make a sad person grin.

Kindness is the only gift that does not come with a price tag but culminates into a priceless gift when received. 17th February 2020-- random acts of kindness 2020 and 13th November 2020 -- world kindness day 2020 are two days that motivate people to indulge in acts of kindness.

Random Acts Of Kindness Day

A call to mom, helping an old cross a road, making tea for friends, sharing lunch box, feeding stray animals, are acts of kindness. Well, even though materialistic possession, you can do kind deeds.

Here’s how it is possible:

1. Flowers For Love

Love is kind. When you love someone, be it your parents, siblings, friends, partner; you are kind to them. In every act of yours towards them, compassion is reflected. In speech and deeds, altruism shines bright! If there is ever a token that epitomizes affection and gentleness in the best possible manner, it is flowers. Flowers are synonymous with tenderness. Bird of Paradise, Gerbera Daisy, Lilies, Orchids, Rose, Carnations, Tulips are flowers symbolizing thoughtfulness, selfless love, loving bond, happiness, care, and warmth.

Flowers For Love

2. Plants For Care

Care is a healing balm that soothes every wound. To care is to show kindness. The best way to show generosity over gifts is to give a plant. It is said, if you have a plant, you have everything. Well said! The thriving beauties--plants are carriers of health, nourishment, and happiness. For conveying harmony, Bonsai is the plant to gift. For peace, Ficus is the plant; Golden Pothos, Lucky Bamboo, Monstera are the plants of longevity. Celebrate the random acts of kindness week 2020 over plant gifts.

Plants For Care

3. Cakes For Sweetness

You do not have to go the extra mile to grace someone with kindness. A smile, words of appreciation, affectionate gestures, all these convey solicitude. #Whenwordsarenotenough to express sweetness, let them taste sweetness over cakes. A box of cakes, cupcakes, jar cakes when received instantly makes the person happy. Making a person unbox happiness is undoubtedly the most excellent way to show kindness.

Cakes For Sweetness

4. Personalised Gifts For Warmth

“ Memories are the treasures that we keep locked deep within the storehouse of our souls, to keep our hearts warm when we are lonely.” ~ Becky Aligada. To your close ones, give a gift of warm memories by sending them a personalised gift that they can cherish for a lifetime. You can send gifts online as well at the doorstep of your dear ones.

Personalised Gifts For Warmth

5. God Idols For Graciousness

Kindness matters. Kindness is the core of all religions. And kindness is one of the most appreciated gifts. Bestow your relatives with graciousness and a belief that goodness exists by presenting to them a God Idol as a gift across celebratory occasions.

God Idols For Graciousness

This National Kindness Day 2020, pledge to be kind-hearted. It is the only feature that makes you attractive.