9 Gifts For Anyone Who Is Feeling Homesick

Be it your brother, sister, friend or yourself, spending time away from home is not a cakewalk for anyone. Yes, with the time you all have gotten well-adjusted to the new place, the new routine and got busy with your lives but those initial few months and years make everyone reminisce about the home hard. Surely, you all have thought more than once to leave everything aside, pack your bags and head back home where life was easier and time was simpler but unfortunately, life is not that merciful. Everyone has to go through that hard time when every passing hour reminds of the home and if you know anyone who is going through the same vicious cycle of homesickness, a gift making them realise that they are closer to home than they think could help a lot. Here are a few suggestions that could calm someone’s mind who is taking the phase of being away from the nest pretty hard.

Gifts For Anyone Who Is Feeling Homesick

1. Map In A Frame

You can easily find a map of the country where the home is one the internet. All you need to do is highlight their state and get it framed in a personalised photo frame with a message from someone close to their heart in the family. Each glance at this picture will make them feel closer to home and in touch with their family all the time. This little present will keep their spirit alive the entire day.

Map In A Frame

2. The Comforting Cushion

This one is easy to find and could do wonders for their heart longing for home. Get them a personalised cushion with the picture of their family members printed on it. Keeping it under their head while watching Netflix, curled up on the couch will make them feel at home with their loved ones. You can hunt this online gift at any reputed online gift portal.

Comforting Cushion

3. The Personalised Jewellery

A pendant, a bracelet or a ring, any piece of jewellery will do. Just personalise the jewellery with a short message or the names of the family members and watch them protecting it like the most precious thing they own. You can bet, they will wear it all the time and will thank you from the bottom of the heart for this thoughtful present. It will be like being with family all the time.

Personalised Jewellery

4. The Delicious Memory

If your roommate, friends or love has been feeling homesick for a while now, this way you could make them feel at home right away. Prepare a meal like they used to have at home. You don’t have to follow the exact recipe but cooking something that they often dine at home will surely comfort their heart. This will bring up some fond memories that they would love to share with you.

Delicious Memory

5. Write Some Love On Paper

Writing is one of the best ways to let it all out whatever is bugging the mind. It works the same way as talking to a best friend after a hard, long day. If their friend is back at home, you can give them a new bestie in the form of a hardcover journal that will keep all their secrets safe. This will reduce anxiety and depression and leave them smiling for a long time. Pair it with a few good pens to get them excited to write. It is one of the best gifting ideas for a homesick buddy.

Write Some Love On Paper

6. Hug With A Blankie

As toddlers, you must have had a blanket with you all the time. It was to comfort you as a kid when the mommy was not around. Even as adults, this trick will work for a happy result. A plush blanket for your homesick friend will work wonders for them, especially, when they wish to hug their mom but she is miles away from the. They could cuddle with this blanket all the time and feel loved and protected as when they were at home.

Hug With A Blankie

7. Plants Are The Best Pal

A potted houseplant will distract them from past memories as they will focus more on taking care of a living thing. As it will be nurtured, cared for and grown with lush green leaves, it will turn this new house into a loving home for your friend or family. Not to forget, houseplants induce a positive aura in the place they sit in. This will definitely be reflected in the mood of the homesick human who will start enjoying the new surroundings even more than before.

Plants Are The Best Pal

8. Teach Them Self Care

From the morning coffee to supper, from clean sheets to clean clothes, if your roommate was relying on their mother for everything, it is time to teach them some self-care so they would stop calling their mom every 15 minutes with the question, “What to do now?” A self-care package with all the essentials like soap, perfume, fabric softener, a pack of their favourite coffee, some socks, and anything that is a must in their daily routine will help them a lot to become self-dependent.

Teach Them Self Care

9. Let Them Read

Gift them with a recommended book portraying the positive side of life and motivating them to go through a hard phase of life easily with self-determination. Life is not that bad after all. It is a journey that everyone has to take and while the past seems to be beautiful, the future holds something magical for them. This will help to look at the bright side of every situation.

Let Them Read

Most of all, talk to them and let them know that they are neither the first nor the last one to go through this feeling. Everyone experiences homesickness at some point of life and you are there with them to help them navigate through this seeming hardship of life. They will be thrilled to know that someone understands their feelings and understands it rather than just to say “ Get over it!”