Rose Day: 2020 Deliveries

In the garden of Love, roses are the blooms of romance. The well-formed swirling petals of roses in tints of passionate red, gorgeous pink, sun-kissed yellow, and virgin white speak of love and romance like none other.

Rose Day

7th February--Rose Day marks the onset of Valentine’s week. The supermodel of flowers--Rose is just perfect for summoning the love week because of its unmatched beauty and fragrance. And FlowerAura is the prime witness of love-affairs over roses because we have recorded the sale of more than 2.4M roses blooming. Well, that’s the kind of magic roses harbour.

In every form and hue, roses create a conducive aura of love, the fragrance of which continues to intensify till 14th February, Valentine’s Day. We were damn happy to see lovebirds revelling in the glory of romantic love over roses. We could feel the vibe! Some lovers opted for rose bouquets for expressing their love, while some went in for rose combos to say “I Love You.” Many chose our Valentine Serenade to please their lover with blooming love, the entire week. Because of you all, our Rose Day was all about love, love, and more love.

We couldn’t thank all of you enough for choosing us to be your partner-in-crime in your love journey. We are highly pleased that rose flowers from FlowerAura became the epitome of the blossoming love and romance between lovebugs in 230+ Indian cities. Each Valentine’s week, we strive to serve the lovebirds in a better way. This year was no different for us. Your love keeps us going. And we pray that with each passing year, our passion continues to deepen just like the way roses colour your love life with a deeper shade of love, every Rose Day. Much Love!