8 Photo Frame Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Do you want to get the gift that will leave her in tears because she loves it so much? There are many personalized gifts ideas out there, but most are just cheesy and do not make much sense. However, you can give her many romantic gifts that will show her exactly how much you love her. Here are the benefits.

First, when you are searching for a gift for a girlfriend, you are usually looking for something quite unique that is not jewelry, is not going to cost you hundreds of rupees, and will show that you put a lot of feeling and thought into the gift.

Photo Frame Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

Let's face it, guys are not the best at picking out gifts, but if they are willing to put time, effort, and thought behind the gift, then they will rarely go wrong. One of such thoughtful gifts is undeniably a photo frame gift for your dear girlfriend.

1. Shadow box

Do you remember when you were a child and wanted to store exotic looking leaves, flowers and interested in insect taxidermy? A shadow box would have been the perfect way to store that memory. Shadow boxes have more of a depth and cover larger surface area to create an opaque look that emphases the component this frame is storing. Most museums and libraries display valuable items on them.

You can fashion a shadow box to display the small monumental items in your relationship such as an old used pen, a hand written note, an old used cup, everything that makes your girlfriend appear more adorable to you.

Shadow box Frame For Girlfriend

2. Decorative

Decorative frames are fun and interesting. They can be spray painted with metallic shades to give the frame a more royal look. Add the images of your darling and make this 3D frame look more regal.

Decorative Frame For Girlfriend

3. Standard

N number of solid and pop colours on a standard frame with a silhouette pin either for hanging the frame from the wall or keeping it in a rest position on the table top. These frames can of course be extravagant in design too with hints of metallic shade.

If you are planning to give your sweetheart a charismatic portrait of herself, these standard photo frames can be great!

Standard Frame For Girlfriend

4. Floating

Sandwiched tightly between two pieces of glass, the floating frame does not come with extra frame space usually. If they do, the photograph is kept in the centre and has a very subtle look. The specialty of this frame is its ability to create an intense form of optical illusion of the picture floating.

Floating Frame For Girlfriend

5. Tree

This type of frame is usually used to represent the family tree. Typical tree style frames come with multiple photo frames, all attached to each other to denote the correlation between the family members. This is more of a house warming kind of gift that you can present to your better half and impress her extended family.

Tree Style Frame For Girlfriend

6. Digital

Digital picture frames have recently become quite popular. These are in fact affordable. The frame comes with a usb point where you can insert your pen drive and display the pictures. Multiple pictures can be added and displayed in a slide show. You can add images and greetings for your sweet heart and dazzle her day! If you are looking for a frame that brings up a sparkling smile on her face, just go for this one. A digital photo frame is indeed the best valentine day gift for her as she can adorn her precious photo memories in a beautiful way.

Digital Picture Frame For Girlfriend

7. Oval

The Victorian and Tudor era had brought this style of photo frame into existence. Though these photo frames do not convey the 21st century, you can add the image of your beloved in classic themed attire.

Oval Frame For Girlfriend

8. Novelty

This type of frame is widely available and can be customised to fit the imagination and decor expectations. The best part of these photo frames is that they can be theme based on your girlfriend's favourite tv shows or if she is interested in a particular fandom. Happy gifting!

Novelty Frame For Girlfriend