Did you Know the Place to Keep Bamboo Plants at Your Office

Are you toiling hard enough, but success still seems a little far? Looking for an extra push to climb the ladder to the top? Sit back and stop worrying. Let us introduce you to the world of goodness, lured in by lucky bamboo plants. If you know a tad bit about Feng Shui, you have undoubtedly heard about bamboo. Little did you know, but the plant symbolises prosperity, opulence, and good fortune. It has been at the core of Feng Shui for over 4000 years. Still some room for scepticism? Well, it is fair to kiss goodbye to the doubts in your mind. Pot a lucky bamboo in office and witness the wonders it brings.

Is your brain flooded with questions already? Thinking how you should start? Run to a store, grab a bamboo plant, place it in your office, and wait for prosperity to kick in. Guess what? The drill isn’t as random as you think. Knowing where to keep a bamboo plant in the office is a make or break here. Let’s get you schooled about the most appropriate directions to grow a bamboo tree for office.

Place to Keep Bamboo Plants At Office

Where Should You Pot The Bamboo?

The fortune luring plant work wonders in activating positive energy. Therefore, if you have been on a hunt to enhance your life and reap a flourishing outcome, start by choosing a bamboo plant for office desk. Here’s what you must know about the ideal directions to place the plant.

Lucky bamboo is the luckiest when placed in a south-eastern or eastern direction. Frankly, it is the best place to pot the plant. Wondering why is the ‘Direction’ of such great importance? Well, Feng Shui has much to do with architectural science. Directions play a cardinal role in the practice. Also, in Feng Shui, the South-East direction is reckoned as the wealth and fortune zone.

Where Should You Pot The Bamboo

Now that you are heedful about where to keep bamboo plant in office, let’s learn how the plant works its magic.

The Perks of Having Bamboo At The Workplace:

  • It is the luck bringer. When you keep a bamboo office plant, you pave the way for good fortune and wealth.
  • The indoor plant is a natural air purifier. Maintaining the environment spruced up is easy when you pot a bamboo plant.
  • Lucky bamboo is known to enrich a space with positive energy.
  • The plant is an excellent addition to any decor.
  • When you are muddled about choosing a good gift for someone close, bamboo rightly stands out as a perfect gifting option.
Perks of Having Bamboo At The Workplace

An Interesting Fact About The Lucky Bamboo

Much has been spilt about the goodness of choosing a bamboo plant for office desk. However, why is the plant symbolised as a lucky charm and a fortune bringer? If ever noticed, the bamboo is quite hollow from within. According to Feng Shui, the hollow pipe-like structure of the plant helps in the free circulation of positive energy. The energy drawn plays a crucial role in calming the mind and focusing better. The perks? Rolling in an abundance of opulence and prosperity is just a matter of time.

Fact About The Lucky Bamboo

Bamboo plants work wonders in lifting your life. It brings in luck and wards off negative energy. Reaping success and prosperity is a cakewalk when you have a bamboo office plant, positioned in the right direction.