How To Make An Introvert Miss You ?

LOVE, a word with only four letters, but with a lot of emotions. When you are in love, the world feels a happy place to live in. You agree with us on this. Right? However, when you fall in love with an introvert, there is an unspoken dilemma. Unlike extroverts, introverts are not very vocal about their feelings. In their soul, they carry the greatest secrets and find solace in reading books or watching Netflix. Because they do not voice their sentiments, at times, you find yourself in a doubtful situation about their fondness for you.

There may be instances when you go through sleepless nights thinking and analysing the actions of your introvert boyfriend or girlfriend just to find a signal that they miss you and love you. With much regret, you are most likely to find none. This certainly does not mean they don't feel for you the way you do. It’s only they fail at expressing themselves.

Make An Introvert Miss You

We are putting an end to your “ifs and buts.” Scroll through the how to make an introvert miss you and love you.

1. Let Gifts Do The Trick

When you wish to make your introvert boyfriend or girlfriend miss you, take the help of gifts. And by gifts, we do not mean materialistic things but thoughtful tokens. Personalised gifts that come imprinted with pictures or engraved with names are one of the idyllic choices to go. Every glance of the gift will take them down the memory lane of all the beautiful moments you both have spent together. In such a scenario, he or she can’t help but miss you! Many gifting portals offer customised gifts online along with the delivery facilities.

Let Gifts Do The Trick

2. Spend Quality Time For The Special Feel

He or she may not say, but every moment you both spent together is his or her favourite. So, make an effort to spend quality more time with your partner, who is an introvert. Take an interest in your partner’s likes and dislikes. Do activities together that your partner likes to do. Slowly and steadily, you both will start to share a rapport which of comfort and trust. And there you are! Soon, he or she will begin to miss you because no one ever made him or her feel the way, you do. When it’s done, pat your back.

Spend Quality Time For The Special Feel

3. Touch The Heart With Gesture

The smallest gestures take up the most room in one’s heart. So, never shy away from impressing a soul with your little gestures. Plan a weekend away to one of his or her favourite place or a destination he or she badly wanted to visit. As introverts like to keep things personal, organize a cosy date where there is only you both, love, and no one else. If you can, make things a bit intimate for you both. You never know, it might work in your favour!

Touch The Heart With Gesture

4. Lend Your Ears To Them

With introverts, patience is the key. You may be tempted to speed up things, but hold on! Give them time and space to adjust to the new feelings. Lend your ears to them whenever they are in trouble. Listen to them patiently, and then give your suggestions. Aim for healthy conversations. A time will come when your silence will make him or her miss you.

Lend Your Ears To Them

Thank us later!