Did You Know Anthuriums Are The Most Popular Tropical Flowers?

Flowers have always been a fascinating natural being, that has attracted us towards them. One such flower, which is adorned throughout the year is Anthurium flower. This flower has many more such facts related to it, and it can be found in a bouquet shop near you!

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Being a native to America, Northern Mexico, and Northern Argentina, and parts of the Caribbean, Anthurium is one of the most popular exotic plants. This plant is known to be the genus of about 1000 species of the flowering plant. It is known as the largest genus of the Arum family, Araceae.

Naming History-

Talking about the names, well like any other plant, Anthurium too has a certain name that includes Tailflower, Flamingo Flower, and Laceleaf. And do you know, the name ‘Anthurium’ has derived from a Greek word which means Tailflower. The name Anthurium flower was made of two Greek words, anthos and oura, which in normal English refers to Flowering Tale.

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The Symbolism of Exotic Beauty-

This flower (a spathe) has heart-shaped leaves, and these long leaves make Anthurium the symbol of Exoticness. This plant is available in some very vibrant colours like red anthurium, white anthurium, pink anthurium, purple anthurium, black anthurium, and maybe more.

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Anthurium is a flower that is known for its vibrant crimson colour. This flower is a heaven to the eyes and soothing as well, being a tropical, indigenous plant of more than 600 species, two most popular species of Anthurium plant. Those famous species are known as Anthurium andreanum and Anthurium scherzerianum (both referred to as the Flamingo Flower). They are available as pot plants and cut flowers and can be recognised by their colourful tropical look.

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So, now that you know all about it, how would it be if you start adding this flower in your gifting actions? Sounds nice, well it will turn out to be great if you choose this bouquet or send flowers online to any city of the country. And you know what? These plants are the best hostess flower, or a welcome flower because of their opened, heart-shaped, and long-lasting characteristics.

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Now, what do you think could be better and more exotic than these lovely looking flowerets, that come in a variety of colours. Gift this pretty Anthurium to friends and family and help them feel overwhelmed over your choice of gifting.