Ribbon Plant Care And Tips

Ribbon Plant (Dracaena Sanderiana) is one of the most loved houseplants in today’s time. This plant can be grown hydroponically or in soil. The lucky bamboo plant is a part of the Asparagaceae family and resembles those of an actual bamboo plant.
Ribbon Plant has an ancient Chinese philosophy that dates back to ninth-century BC and has deep roots in feng shui. Therefore, it is traditionally given as a souvenir to promote good luck, love, health, fortune and growth.

Ribbon Plant Care And Tips

What Are The Favourable Growing Conditions For Ribbon Plant?

If you want your Ribbon Plant to flourish, you need to keep it in a well-lit room. Cold temperature or harsh sunlight can cause damage to the plant. Therefore, keep it indoors and warm and cherish its growing cycle.

The Ribbon Plant plants are mostly placed inside the water with pebbles and tied down, so they do not fall because of their weight. If you wish to see them growing without being troubled, placing them in filtered water or well-aerated soil will result in better growth.

Care Tips For Ribbon Plant

We all want to keep our plants thriving and grow successfully. Hence, for that, we need to take care of certain factors that can affect plants.

Have Proper Drainage

If you are sprouting your Ribbon Plant in soil, make sure the soil is moist and not overwatered. Let the water drain out; otherwise, it can cause a negative impact on Ribbon Plant. Water only when the top inch is dry then only the plant will flourish adequately.

Provide Plenty Of Light

If you want to increase Ribbon Plant’s longevity, then giving it bright light is a must. In the direct light, it grows more extensive, but that doesn’t mean you keep it in direct sun. Please keep it in indirect sunlight or light shade. It makes a great indoor plant.

Choose The Accurate Container

Whenever you buy a Ribbon Plant, it comes with a container having pebbles and beads on top, but you need to transfer it to another container where it sustains when it grows. So, make sure the receptacle is big enough to hold the Ribbon Plant and have proper water drainage if you need to bury it in soil.

Clean The Container Timely

Algae can destroy your Ribbon Plant. Therefore, to save it, clean the container once every few months and keep changing the water every week. When you swap the water, make sure you do not add any chemicals to it.

Filter The Water

Ribbon Plant is allergic to fluoride water or chemical water. You might grow the plant in soil or water but whenever you water the plant, make sure the water is filtered or distilled. It will keep your plant fresh and alive for a long time.

Plant Type Come Under Ribbon Plant Plant

- Cut Leaf Bamboo Plant

Plant Name





Cutting Tips

Cut Leaf Bamboo Plant

Indirect Sunlight

18 to 35 degrees Celsius

Water it once every two to three weeks

Once in a year

Cut down the damage shoots when required, or to replant, cut down a new node.

We hope our tips guide you in the best way possible and solve your Ribbon Plant problems. This is a good luck plant that brings fortune to homes; we wish your good luck plant stay alive and flourish as you want.