10 Best Gifts For Indian Dad

Everytime you ask your father what he wants for his special day, he will reply with a “No.” That’s typical Indian dads. Unlike moms, fathers won’t drop hints or tell you straight in the face the gifts they want. So, it’s hard to know what we should really give them. We are here to help with the best gifts for Indian dad list. Whether he is a cool parent or a minimalist, you will get some clues about gift ideas for Indian dad for his birthday, Father’s Day, International Men’s Day.

Best Gifts For Indian Dad

1) Body Care Hamper

A body care hamper of different homemade soaps, body wash, foot salts, beard oil, hair gel, and everything he likes to use is a thoughtful gift that he won’t be able to say no to and will use it happily. Chances are, he may ask you to get more once his stock comes to an end.

Body Care Gift Hamper for Dad

2) Bar Kit

If he loves liquor, he deserves this bar kit as a gift. It’s a portable bar kit coming in a mini cabinet that he can carry on his trips and adventures. It is complete with whiskey glasses, bottle holder, ice-cube holder, and other essentials. He will love all things in one place.

Bar Kit for Dad

3) Bookends

If you have got your reading genes from your dad, nothing makes more sense than a gift of bookends for him. A decorative bookend with some of his favourite reads or new editions he would like to read will be greatly appreciated. It would double up as a decorative piece for his bookshelf or a cabinet in his house.

Bookends Gift for Dad

4) A pair of cufflinks

Your dapper and dashing dad deserves a pair of classy cufflinks. Pick the one that he can accessorize with both his formal and casual shirts, as per his preference. A rose gold or silver cufflink would be best-suited as it looks minimal yet stylish.

A Pair of Cufflinks Gift for Dad

5) Saregama Caravan

Does your dad keep humming to old songs? On weekends he puts the stereos and listens to old melodies. Well, a Saregama Caravan that comes pre-loaded with 5000 Hindi songs, as well as a radio that he can connect with the Bluetooth, sounds like a fantastic gift option for him.

Saregama Caravan Gift for Dad

6) Wireless Charging Pad

Dads do complain about the battery draining and freak out when the battery is at 15%. A wireless charging pad will be his saviour. Make his life easier and tech-savvy with this gift choice.

Wireless Charging Pad for Dad

7) Healthy Gift Hamper

You want your father to enjoy good health while not curbing their tastes for lip-smacking food. An excellent way is to gift him a healthy gift hamper. Replete it with all the edibles that are excellent in taste and nutrients as well. Show your care for him with this.

Healthy Gift Hamper for Dad

8) Pampering Kit

You keep pampering your mother in different ways. But, when it comes to your dad, you are out of ideas. A pampering kit complete with face cleansers, hydrating face cream, rosewater, and other pampering products.

Pampering Kit for Dad

9) UV Light Sanitizer and Charger

While he keeps his hands cleaned and sanitized. His phone may not be cleaned and a house of bacteria. Help your father keep his phone sanitized and cleaned all the time with UV light sanitizer and charger unit.

UV Light Sanitizer and Charger Gift for Dad

10) Travel Cord Set

He is touring most of the time. Make his travel safe and organised with a travel cord set. It’s a foldable pouch with space to put in earphones, USB cables, chargers, and small knick-knacks like a watch.

Travel Cord Gift Set for Dad

These were some of the best gifts for Indian father that we are confident any father will like. According to his personality, there are many more choices that you can choose, like a tie and belt set for the one who likes to dress up, a home gym kit for fitness one, a decanter set for the one who loves drinks.