10 Plants That Bring Prosperity in Your Family

“Ho Ho Ho….. Santa is cruising through the snow and about to reach you shortly!” So, what’s on your wishlist this Christmas? Success at work? A big break? A fat raise and some big bucks to take pleasure in? Our dear Santa certainly has his plate full. While you wait for Santa to show his miracles, you might as well practice some Feng Shui. Believe it or not, but Feng Shui works wonders. You don’t have to shell out big money and go all fancy in an attempt to attract wealth and riches. Here’s a little trick to begin with……. start planting!

Sound’s weird, right? Well, you can’t walk away with good luck and fortune by planting just any tree. Here’s jotting down a list of 10 plants that attract money and prosperity. Bedeck your home with any of these plants or all of these (whatever rocks your boat) and watch your luck shift gears for a lot better.

Things to Know for Gardening

Plants Need for a wealthy Life - Let’s take a quick look at the top 10.

1. The Lucky Bamboo

Before describing the goods of having bamboo planted in our house, were you aware that the plant has been associated with luring in luck for 5000 years? It’s true! At-least the Chinese tradition says so. Also known as Fu Gwey Zhu, the plant is an absolute must if you are on a hunt for opulence and money. A bamboo plant rewards one with fortune, power, and very favorable luck.

Lucky Bamboo

2. Aglaonema

It is easy to spot this plant, but very few people are aware of the plant name. Aglaonema is a native green in South Asia. Although hundreds of species are found, maintaining this plant could be pickle as most of these grow better in extreme winter conditions. There are exceptions, of course, like Aglaonema Snow White, which are easy to maintain and are often household favorites. The herb is an excellent air purifier. However, it is best known to pave the way for good luck and happiness.


3. Pachira Aquatica

Speaking of popular Feng Shui plants, Pachira is the real deal. The plant welcomes luck that promises to set you up in the high street. It rolls in money and fortune. In a nutshell, Pachira is a catalyst to your ‘Get Rich’ scheme. What’s interesting to read is lore that’s associated with the plant.

Stories say that a farmer from Taiwan, putting up with a miserable life and suffering from destitute, found the plant on his way home. He was often praying to work his way up and ditch the life of poverty. The farmer thought very little of the Pachira (plant) and reckoned it to be an omen. The plant bore seeds, and he soon started selling the plants. In a very short period, he had a rewarding life, filled with fortune and opulence.

Pachira Aquatica

4. The Blooming Jade

This plant is often handed out as presents to those starting their ventures. Keeping the Jade at the entrance of the house is worthy. It is one of the famously known plants that attract money. Apart from wealth and money, this cute little plant is a great luck bringer.

Blooming Jade

5. Richie Rich Money Plant

If Vaastu and Feng Shui are your go-to thing, the goodness, and benefits of potting a money plant are not unknown to you. This plant lets you bask in the shine of good luck. Keeping one lure in money and riches. It clears out the air in a home and makes the ambiance very positive. The more the leaves in a money plant, the more will be your fortune.

Money Plant

6. Value Added Peace Lily

House cleansing is a good idea when you are looking to start fresh. Adding a peace lily to your home decor is a great thing. The long and shiny green leaves are beautiful to watch. However, the plant work wonders in sprucing up the house by eliminating all negative energy. It makes way to explore new opportunities and growth. Money is a sure thing when you are progressing at work.

Peace Lily

7. Mesmerizing Orchids

The pretty lilac flowers have much more value than being a symbol of love and romance only. Feng Shui suggests that the plant is a money bringer. It makes room for luck and prosperous life.

Mesmerizing Orchids

8. Winning Spider Plant

This perennial herb is spotted in a majority of homes. Maintaining the plant is a cakewalk. It requires a minimum and less watering. The spider plant is a natural cleanser. It clears the air off toxins, works wonders to cut down stress, and makes way for luxury and riches to flow in.

Spider Plant

9. Rubber Plant, The Fortune Bearer

Little did you know, but if you are looking for a flourishing of wealth in your house, the rubber plant is what you need. The luscious dark leaves are believed to symbolize power and good fortune.

Rubber Plant

10. Sublime Lotus

Not a usual pick for indoor plants, but Lotus is one of the most prospective plants that attract money. It purifies a household and enhances the serenity and positive vibe of a space.


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