Promise Day 2020 Deliveries

Falling in Love is not easy, but what is more robust is the Moment of Promise. They say, “Jodia Upar Banti Hai”, but we all know that to keep up with such relationships, is a tough task. And all it needs is a promise of ‘Forever’. Well, do not know about others but we at FlowerAura, promised you our service, to make any day special. And guess what? This Promise Day, i.e., 11th Feb 2020, we experienced 3.6 Million promises being made all over the 230+ cities of India. Yes, we did it, and that is just because YOU believed in US.

Promise Day 2020

All the Roseyness of Rose Day that helped Heer-Ranjhas to, Propose on Propose Day and share a Chocolate on Chocolate Day with a little cuddle-worthy Teddy Bear on Teddy Day lead to making a Pinky Promise on Promise Day. Sailing through these gestures till now, and adding yet another one to our sail, made us a Happy Puppy.

Our promise to keep customer faith first and their expressions clearer through our range of gifts have achieved new heights. They say promises made ones, lives for a life long and we are glad that we helped the lovey-dovey couples all around the nation, to make this expression effortlessly easy.

Talking about the importance of Promise Day, well, any relationship is dependent on Trust. And if you trust your partner, you demand a promise for a lifetime. The time invested in a relationship to build it to an extraordinary level is something every couple looks for. Promising each other independence, to promising each other their own space for a lifetime is what one looks ahead on Promise Day.

Though promises can be made on every day and any day, the Promise Day during Valentine week is a bearer of Promises Made in Love, for Love. The importance of this day is undoubtedly high and has its unique place in the V’ day week, and as we became part of your Promising journey with each other, took us on Cloud Nine.

Hoping to be part of whatever promises you will make in future with your Valentine, we wish you a happy life, full of positivity and charm.