7 Weird Facts About Valentine's Day

Valentine’s week is here, and the exchange of romantic roses, chocolates and gifts are all around the world. The restaurants and bars are filled with love birds. The gifting portals traffic is at the peak as lovers are looking for a perfect Valentine Day gift. But, do you know some surprising facts about Valentine's Day?

Valentine Day Facts

1. Founded on an Act of Rebellion

The most well-known theory about Valentine's Day origin is that Emperor Claudius II didn't allow Roman men to wed during wartime. Saint Valentine went against his desires and organised mystery weddings, which implies this day was initially established on an act of rebellion!

Act of Rebellion

2. Juliet Still Gets Love Letter

William Shakespeare's most popular story Romeo and Juliet has caught hearts for decades – to such an extent that Juliet still gets love letters on Valentine's Day! On every Valentine’s, the city of Verona in Italy (where the play was set) gets around 1,000 letters routed to Juliet. Not bad for somebody who's been dead for a long time!

Love Letter

3. Plant Decides the Valentine

This one is sure in the weird Facts About Valentine day list. In Germany, young ladies used to plant onions in a vase on Valentine's Day, and beside every onion, they penned the name of a boy. They believed they would wed the one who was nearest to the main sprout.

Plant Decide

4. Wearing your Heart on your Sleeve

In the Middle Ages, youngsters would pull paper hearts with a name written on it from a container and choose that individual as their Valentine. The name they picked would be stuck to their sleeve for seven days. This is where the quote "wearing your heart on your sleeve" originates.

Heart on your Sleeve

5. Valentine’s Day is the New Friend’s Day

While Valentine's Day is most generally connected with couples and lovers, that doesn't mean singles can't celebrate the event as well! Indeed, one nation has ventured to change the event into "Friend’s Day!" On February 14, Finland observes Ystavanpaiva which is interpreted as Friend’s Day. Here, blessings and cards are exchanged by friends instead of sweethearts.

New Friend’s Day

6. Why Red Roses?

We all see red roses around the time of Valentine's Day – yet why? Roses, and red ones, specifically, have become a symbol of love and are accordingly intensely associated with the day. The origin of this convention extends as far back as Ancient Rome when the red rose was the most loved blossom of Venus: the Goddess of love.

Red Roses

7. Valentine Cards All Around

The sales of Valentine’s Day cards is second most throughout the year behind Christmas. And surprisingly, teachers receive the largest number of Valentine’s cards. Yes! We are also as surprised as you are.

 Valentine Cards

Hope you find these Valentine day facts interesting. Celebrate this week of love with your special ones and share these weird surprising facts with them. Also, if you haven’t bought a Valentine gifts for wife/husband or your partner, then buy one ASAP! Happy Valentine’s week ahead!