Teddy Day 2020 Deliveries

On 10 February 2020, Teddy Day, FlowerAura sent cute cuddles over the nation as we witnessed sales of 1.8M Teddy Day gifts. Valentine's week brings the treasure of celebrations with oh-so-romantic gifts, and the cutest romantic gifts were exchanged on Teddy Day.

Teddy Day 2020

As we have successfully and cheerfully progressed to the fourth day of the romantic Valentine’s week, the cutest cuddly bears assumed control over the nation with their cosy embraces and warmth. Teddy Day was all about these delicate and soft mushy toys that are connected with the hearty feelings of adoration and love. Each person’s childhood is loaded up with endless wistful memories of their favourite partner in crime - a teddy bear. Lovers reminisced these memories when they received fluffy huggy teddy bears from their partner.

Out of all the days in the week of love, Teddy Day is the one day on which you send gifts that will be there with your partner even when this romantic week is over. Your cuddly Teddy Bear gift will comfort them when you won’t be there because of any reason.

A huge number of Teddy Day gifts like couple Teddy Bear, Photo Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear with a chocolate basket, Teddy Bear in a box, Teddy Bear cushion and many other gifts were sold for this romantic occasion. There were smiles on the faces of the recipients, and no one is as happier as the FlowerAura team as we helped lovers in expressing their lovely feelings and thoughts to their partner.

A hike in our number of sales shows your trust in us, and that’s what keeps us going. We wish that you cuddle up with your partner forever just like you cuddle with your nighty night teddy bear! Happy Valentine’s week ahead!