Propose Day Deliveries 2020

Disclaimer - You are about to read some cheesy, mushy stuff! Read It if you are Loveria- stricken.

Propose Day 2020

“Excuse me,

do you have a band Aid,

because I scrapped my heart when I fell in love with you.

So, will you be mine?”


“Love is like a cloud.

Love is like a dream.

Love is one word and everything in between.

Love is a fairytale come true.

Because I found Love when I Found You.”

We witnessed it all! A new record has been set! As on this Propose day, India was declared to be the homeland of all the Laila-Majnus! Wanting to propose to the man/ woman of their dreams, FlowerAura assisted in delivering over 1.2 millions gifts that helped the couples to take a step closer to having their own fairytale happily ever after!! Our happiness knew no bounds seeing the lovebirds unite and reassuring our faith that true love exists. And seeing people confessing their love for each other, our hearts just melted into tears. It was indeed a surreal experience to be witnessing something that we used to hear in only in some fairy tales or fantasize about in your dreams.

We were happy to hear that Propose day gifts, cakes and flowers from FlowerAura helped you get an optimistic “YES”. We hope to bring the same kind of love and happiness, year after year on every second day of Valentine's week - the week of expressing or speaking the language of love. All year round, we feel extremely delighted to receive a whooping number of orders. But mostly during the week of love! May the bond that got you both lovers here keep growing stronger and stronger with each passing day. May all those singles searching for true love may even find their better halves, out there, the next time o pop up the question “Will you hold my hand. If I ask you to spend a lifetime will you?”

Signing Off Propose Day 2020! Cheers!