How to Enjoy No-spend Valentine's Day

Let’s unabashedly accept the fact that loosening pockets on Valentine’s Day is something that most couples dread. Admittedly, this doesn’t imply that you don’t love your partner or to celebrate the day of love. It’s simple. First things, first! Money is the lifeline of living.

Kissing your partner under the Eiffel Tower is romantic and Instagram worthy. However, it isn’t realistic (At least for the majority). Love is priceless. And the one who feels this will be more than happy with the efforts than the extravagant gifts or dreamy scenarios.

This piece of writing speaks out loud to everyone who has been searching How To Celebrate Valentine Day Budget Friendly. This year, let your efforts stand out.

1. Candle-Light Dinner At Home

Valentine’s Day is all about love and spending time together. Candle-light dinner at home serves a dual purpose: cost-cutting and romantic time. Decorate the dining table with rose petals and candles. If you wish you can go for heart-shaped balloons too. Either cook food or order (Swiggy and Zomato must be giving Valentine’ Day offer! Make the most of it) To cast a magical spell, give a Valentine Day gifts. You can take help from an online gifting portal because there you have the option to filter the prices from low to high.

Candle-Light Dinner

2. Play Board Games

The most economical Valentine Day celebration 2020, especially for the lovers of board games. Play crossword and frame words such as “I Love You,” “Will You Be My Valentine,” “Kiss Me” or words that portray love and romance. Munch on the favourite snacks while playing because when the tummy is full, love feels much better.

Play Games

3. Music Night At Home

Recreate Bollywood magic at home. We bet she will be floored. Bollywood romance is the dream of 99.9% of girls. It is pocket-friendly as well. Dim the lights and play Hindi love songs (Bollywood because it is where our heart lies!) Imitate Shah-Rukh Khan or take her hand and dance. Between the scenes, on your knees grace her with Valentine Day Flowers. Happy Ever After begins!

Music Night

4. DIY Gifts

When it’s Valentine’s Day, gifts are a bit hard to ignore. But, we understand your concern too. Therefore, we advise you to go with handmade gifts. And no materialistic gift can ever match up with hand-crafted gifts. We repeat, No gift! Photo explosion box, scrapbook, a jar of love notes, etc.

For more ideas, you can refer to this link: DIY Homemade Valentine's Day Gifts To Celebrate Valentine’s Like Never Before

Handmade Gifts

5. Spampering

Unwind the day revitalizing and romantically with spa-pampering. You don’t need a reservation at posh-salons, it can be homemade. A few aromatic oils, spa-kit, grooming products, and lots of passion, these are the essential ingredients for the ultimate spampering.


6. Room Full of Balloons, Flowers, and Notes

Decorate the room with flowers, balloons and love notes. You can fill the balloon with love notes, confetti, or flower petals. Do not forget the wine. It is because “couple who drinks together stays together” is the new cool.

Decorate Room

7. Bundle and Cuddle Up

Maybe It has been quite long that you haven’t spent time together. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to relive the good old days of cuddling and fondling. Built a cosy blanket fort, lit it up with Mirchi lights, and make love all day long. Sounds like a love-proof plan.

Cuddle Up

Cheers to low cost but high on love Valentine’s Day!!!