Bend on Your Knees and Propose your Partner With Customised Gifts!

Though you might have received a rose from a secret admirer, but a real proposal is something every girl and boy wish for. Propose Day falls on February 8 every year. This is the day to confess your real love to your special someone irrespective of whatever their answer is. If you have just decided to propose your significant other. Here are some awesome propose day personalised gift ideas that will blow their mind off.

propose your partner with customised gifts

Too Nervous to Ask Her? Have a Teddy Bear do the Hard Work for You!

If the idea of coming up to your girl gives you a serious case of nerves, have a teddy bear do the hard work for you. This is one of the unique Personalised gifts for girlfriend like a teddy bear, in particular, make such a cute proposal gift. Because seriously, who says NO to a teddy bear?

teddy bear

Morning to Night, It’s all about Chocolates

All you need is a little courage and a handful of chocolates to make them say “YES”. Chocolates make everything better. Propose your love with a box of personalised chocolates that says “Will you Marry Me?” or ‘’I Love You’’ before their name. Isn’t a great propose day gift idea to woo your girl or boy?

all about chocolates

All that glitters is surely a Sequin

Guys set your glitter filter to the maximum and welcome some shine into your life. Have you seen those fancy pillows that change colors when you caress the sequin in other way? Fancy isn’t? You won’t be able to keep your hands off of this perfect proposal gift! This sequin pillow is simply the bomb! Personalise it with your partner’s name or the date of your wedding or the date you met.

all that glitters is surely a sequin

Flowers to Perfect your Proposal

When words are not enough, flower speaks the language of love. If you have already made your mind to propose the one then don’t forget to take a bunch of their favourite flowers. Just bend down on your knees and say it like you mean it. We bet they can’t say No.

flowers to perfect your proposal

Include your Four-legged buddy in Your Special Moment

If your partner is a dog lover then there is no chance of a “NO”. Your pet has to get practising for the big day – so why not get them to bring the engagement ring? Or at least balance it on their nose! It will totally take your loved one back and make for a lovely surprise.

four legged buddy

Whatever you do Make it Epic

Are you looking for some unique and custom gifts on propose day? Simply give your partner their usual drink be it coffee or tea in a mug made just for them. Use this another one of the perfect propose day ideas for girlfriend and write "Marry Me?" on the bottom of the mug to surprise her when she finishes her drink.

whatever you do make it epic

Good Memories are like Charm… Each one is Special

Your husband guides, protects, and loves you at every step and leaves no stone unturned to put a big smile on your face. Thank him for being your pillar of strength. Confess your love with a personalised bracelet and propose him for a lifetime. This is probably one of the best propose day idea for husband.

good memories are like charm

So, these were some unique propose day ideas for boyfriend, girlfriend etc. Make them feel loved. Make them feel special this propose day with some amazing personalised gifts to embark your love.