Did you Know Your Rakhi Could be Transformed into Plant

Raksha Bandhan, a festival that celebrates the special bond between brother and sister is around the corner and markets across India are filled with beautiful and trendy rakhis in various sizes, colors and designs. Tying a rakhi is considered a symbolic gesture in which a brother pledges to protect his sister's life.

From tying colorful rakhi to buying exquisite gifts and planning surprises, it is one the favorite festivals of Indians.

Gifts are usually used or treasured, and chocolates are eaten almost immediately, with rakhi mostly ending up in landfills. And, since most of the threads sold in the market today are made of plastic, it negatively impacts the environment as well as the food chain.

Rakhi Can be Transformed into Plant

While everyone is excited to celebrate the auspicious event of Raksha Bandhan, everyone fails to realize that the plastic seeds used in rakhi are further contributing to plastic pollution. Some environmentally conscious people in India are promoting a rakhi that will promise a safe environment as well.

This Rakshabandhan, try to do something different and innovative. Instead of buying synthetic rakhi with strings and plastic embellishments, show your brother some love in an eco-friendly way, tie him a rakhi made with organic ingredients. So, what is an eco-friendly rakhi? Eco-friendly Rakhis are the ones made out of different plant seeds so that when once tied, can later be potted into a plant. Also, such Rakhis are apt to sow the seed of a stronger sibling bond.

Yes, The idea of eco-friendly Rakshabandhan is catching up big time in the major and even hyperlocal cities. With the festival just around the corner, the demand for eco-friendly rakhis has increased like never before.

Eco-friendly Rakhi

Instead of scorching the market or online portals for fancy rakhis online why not tie him in with an eco-friendly rakhi? The idea of eco friendly rakhi making was from the south where some tribal women made some handmade rakhis using organic products ( FYI: we read it somewhere).

But did you know your Eco Rakhis can actually turn into a plant? Yes, you heard that right! Since the technology has reached its peak, there is an advancement in everything. Yes, rakhi too! There are various online portals that sell eco-friendly rakhi with seeds inside it so that the recipients could treasure it for a long time. Nothing can be better than teaching your young ones about the importance of tree plantations.

Plantable rakhis at FlowerAura are heartcrafted using handmade paper which contains the seeds of the plant. The eco-friendly material for rakhi making are 100% organic. These rakhis come in different designs and shapes to keep up the cool trend. This Raksha Bandhan vows to celebrate the day of siblings with a gift that grows. Send online the gift of strong bonds to your siblings via our online delivery services.

This Rakshabandhan, make sure you are contributing something to save the environment. Teach your children to be more aware and responsible towards the environment, as they celebrate their bond with their siblings on this auspicious day. Happy Eco-friendly Raksha Bandhan!