Rava Cake - Simple Endless and a Delicious Treat

A rava cake is what we call comfort food. It's three defining characteristics are the easy to make recipe, it being eggless cake, and made quicker than anything. To enlighten you with this breakfast worthy dish that will make your life easy and your taste buds tingle today we are talking about one such rava cake in pressure cooker recipe, so let's get started.

rava cake in pressure cooker

What all would you need?

• Rava ¾ cup

• Cardamom powder- ½ teaspoon

• Powdered sugar- ½ cup

• Oil- 2 tablespoon

• Curd- ¼ cup

• Milk- ½ cup

• Mixed nuts cut finely- 2 tablespoon or as per your wish

• Baking powder- ¼ tablespoon

• Baking soda- just a pinch

ingredients for rava cake

These are the ingredients you require to make a rava cake recipe in pressure cooker. Moving on to the real use of these crunchy, crispy, and milk-white ingredients, let's start baking.

Coming next on how to make a rava cake in pressure cooker, do this

• Take a big deep bowl and add to it rava, cardamom power(elaichi powder), and powdered sugar. Then mix it all with a spoon to make an even combination.

• To the above made better add the prescribed amount of oil, curd and ¼ cup milk. Yet again mix it all with a spoon or spatula.

• For the next 15 to 20 minutes, you can keep this aside and also cover with a lid to avoid dust and particles.

• Post 15 minutes, uncover the bowl and add the baking powder, baking soda and the left amount of milk to it. Mix the batter now.

• Now take a cake tin. Grease it with oil to avoid any sticking of the batter at any sides.

• Coming back to the pressure cooker, add two cups of water and place a firm stand in the middle.

• Then place the prepared batter in the cake tin on the stand in the cooker.

• Put the flame on for 20 minutes and keep it slow. Do not use the whistle in the cooker to avoid ruining of the cake.

• 20 minutes later, remove the lid, using a knife, pierce the cake from the centre.

• If the knife comes out clean and dry, your cake is all done. Otherwise, you can let it cook for 2-5 more minutes.

• Wait for the cake tin to cool a bit before you take the cake out.

• Remove the edges from the side subtly to keep the cake intact.

• Tap on the inverted tin to bring the cake out, invert the cake again and serve according to requirement.

rava cake

There you go, your recipe and ingredients for a rava cake in pressure cooker are ready. Now you can have a new item in your breakfast or anytime food menu. Toodles!