We Asked They Answered - Reasons Why Mother is the Best Person in your Life!

Her eyes bloomed with love
When she saw me for the first time,
She touched my little fingers and made me feel,
Everything is fine!

Reasons Why Mother is the Best Person in your Life

If you were to ask your friends and buddies who their inspiration is, probably a lot of them are going to answer - MOM! Well, why not? She is the one who gave us birth and brought us up to be successful humans. The mother daughter relation or the mother son relation starts developing from that very moment we enter this world and keeps on growing forever. Often we fail to appreciate the presence of mom in our life. So, on this Mother’s Day, go and hug your mom. Let her know how important she is to you. Read down below what people said when we asked about why mother is the best person in your life!

Mothers Day quote 1 - A person who is always as calm as still water. A person who becomes the first teacher. A person who binds everyone together, I call her, My Mother - Niharika Shrivastav, 25

Mothers Day quote 2 - The reason for my smile ahead of every darkness. The only solution to my universal problems. The only reason to add life to My Life. Life is just impossible without you. Love you mom - Kiran Tomar, 29

Mothers Day quote 3 - My mom wrote a letter to get me out of school when I was not actually sick Best MOM ever. Since then, she is my partner in crime xD. - Pallavi Saxena, 28

Mothers Day quote 4 - You do not know something Google it You do not know someone? Facebook You do not find something? MOM - Shivangi Goel, 23

Mothers Day quote 5 - I am a strong person because a strong woman raised me and that’s my MOM. She is the one who taught me that problems are solved with smiling faces. - Sarika Sharma, 22

Mothers Day quote 6 - When you are crying, and to hide those tears you wash your face, still she sees you and hugs you tightly, knowing that you are in pain That is how moms are. - Duyti Mascharak, 24

Mothers Day quote 7 - Her love is as pure as clean air which we never get tired of breathing it. Her hug is as warm as winter fires which gets happily burnt to soothe us. - Ridhi Jain, 25

Mothers Day quote 8 - Slammed the door behind and cried. In came a woman with a plate of noodles. No matter what the problem was, Mom always knew the remedy to all my troubles. - Nimita Shah, 20

Mothers Day quote 9 - She is always there for me no matter how much apart we are. She taught me to become a man with a loving and selfless heart. - Aaditya Rawal, 22

Mothers Day quote 10 - In my setbacks it was she who always gave me courage to restart. I am what I am today because of the values she gave. - Rishi Arora, 26

Mothers Day quote 11 - A person who is always there when you seek a shoulder to cry on. A person that shares your moments of bliss. A person who loves you unconditionally. A person who shows you how life is meant to be lived. A role model. Mother - Shubhansh Jain, 22

Mothers Day quote 12 - The best thing about my mother is that she never needed to check my WhatsApp status to understand my current mood rather she looks straight at my face and understands it all. - Kanika Verma, 24

Mothers Day quote 13 - A human body can bear only up to 45 DEL (unit) of pain. A mother feels up to 57 DEL of pain while giving birth which is equal to 20 bones getting fractured. - Anonymous

Mothers Day quote 14 - The one who doesn’t need an alarm clock to wake up early in the morning. My superwoman MOM - Ayushi Aggarwal, 22

Mothers Day quote 15 - Her talk is as sweet as violin notes which we enjoy listening to uplift our mood. Her care is as endless as the universe which never stops expanding. - Himanshi Gupta, 24

Pretty emotional stuff about the relation between mother and daughter or son, right? Well, indeed it is! Share yours’ as well with your mom! Happy Mother’s Day!