Let us have a Look at Reverse-Creaming Method of Cake

Sweets are something none of us can live without. And to cook them at home is something we all love to do. Upon that baking cake, once a lifetime is everyone’s dream. If you too dream the same, come and explore with us a reverse-creaming method of cake baking. This method is known to turn out a cake which is more shaped and is fluffier than the traditional method of baking.

Reverse-Creaming Method of Cake

The reverse-creaming method basically refers to the cake mixing methods of dry ingredients and liquid ingredients, separately. That means, in a bowl, firstly all the dry ingredients like flour, sugar, baking powder, and others are mixed finely then in another bowl some oil, milk, eggs (optional) are mixed properly. After the two mixtures are ready, butter is added to the dry mix leaving it a bit more crumbly. After all the butter is added, the liquid mix is added to the dry and crumbly mix but in portions.

All this procedure is performed with care and keeping in mind the time span of every addition. Every step in baking methods brings a difference in the cakes we bake like making it more fluffy and softer and vise-Versa. The cake baked under the high ratio baking method, which is another name of the reverse-creaming method, the cake is all structured and well-shaped.

Tasters struggled to find any difference in tenderness between the reverse-creaming method and creaming method recipes. Even the texture analyzer measurements confirmed the firmness of the two cakes to be remarkably similar. That said, the cakes exhibited significant structural differences. The top of the cake that we made using the reverse-creaming method was even and its crumb ultrafine and velvety, while the creamed version had a slightly domed top and a fluffy, more open crumb.

Also, dry ingredients being mixed separately and the liquids differently gives the baker to beat it as much as he wants. This helps in getting the cake fluffier even when we are baking eggless cakes. While the reverse-creaming method is a perfect way to bake a cake without egg, it also helps us to become a vegan.

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