Say Thanks To Your Dad In Special Ways

All of us adore and love our fathers in our own special way, but how many times have we actually decided to make efforts to thank them for all that they have done for us throughout our lives? Well, it’s true that we have been so indulged in our busy schedules and hectic life that we forget to take out time for our fathers and say thankyou to them. This Father’s Day, lets all of us write a different story by saying thanks to our fathers in special and unique ways that he will always remember. Whether it is giving him a special Father’s Day gift that he always wanted or by just expressing our feelings and love for him through a letter, let’s go the extra mile to make your dad feel special and loved.


To make things simpler for you, we have curated a list of some of the best ways you can thank your dad on Father’s Day. From giving him best Father’s Day gifts to dedicating an emotional song to him, pick one and let your dad know that you are thankful to him in every way for all he has done for you throughout life.

Dedicated A Poem

One of the most unique, unusual and heart touching ways to thank your father is to write a beautiful poem for him and dedicate it to him on Father’s Day. It is always good to express your emotions through words, especially when they are written in the form of a beautiful poem that your father will always keep close to his heart. If you feel that you are not that good of a writer, you can also read out your favorite poem written on fathers by an author and express your feelings through the author’s words.

Write A Letter

If you wish not to add a poetic vibe to this Father’s Day, you can always go for a hand-written note in plain and simple words. If you love the old-school ways, this is one of the best ways to thank your dad in your own words and that he will always resort to whenever he misses you near them. A letter has always been used as a method to express genuine feelings and a beautiful letter to your dad will do wonders in making him happy like no other gift can.

Make A Video

If you are away from your father on this day and miss him badly and wish to thank him in a memorable way, making a video of you, your siblings, your cousins, your mother, your relatives and compiling it in one and putting in effort to edit it together will surely do wonders. Add beautiful messages, wishes and thank you notes in the video and that will surely fill your father’s heart with boundless emotions and make him cry out of love.

Send Him Gifts

There is no second thought that gifts make every occasion a memorable one and if you are away from your father, one of the best ways to thank your father is to order Father's Day gifts online and surprise him with this gift at the doorstep. You can select from a wide range of gifts online including cards, flowers, plants, cakes and also personalized gifts like lamps, cushions, photo frames to make this gift a memorable one for your father.

Spend Time With Him

Spending some time with your dad and having a conversation with him, not only on Father’s Day but on all days is surely the best gift that he will never receive. Talking to him about his life and how he feels about different things and what he expects from you as a father, some things that will make you understand him better and also make him realise that you care. Listen to him and spend hours sharing your childhood memories while he shares his experiences with you.

Prepare A Speech

You love your dad and there is no harm in saying this in front of the world and therefore prepare a special Father’s Day speech and share your thoughts with your father and everyone around. A heartfelt speech will not only make him emotional but also make him understand his importance in your life that you have never been able to say before. To end things on a lovely note, you can sing a beautiful song for your father and hug him tightly as if you'll never let him go.

So, this day is not only about giving a special Father’s Day gift to your dad but also to make him feel special, loved and cared for. Sing a song, dedicate a poem, write a letter or do anything that will give meaning to your feelings and make this day the most memorable one for your superhero.