Simple Caramel Cake Recipe for Beginners

Ever tried baking a caramel cake? Not yet? Well then good news! This recipe is for the beginners. In today’s blog we will be sharing a Simple Caramel Cake Recipe for Beginners. There are many forms of caramel cake recipe like salted caramel cake, butterscotch caramel cake and many more. You can put any flavours of your choice. So let’s get started

Simple Caramel Cake Recipe


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• 225g softened salted butter, plus extra for the tins

• 125g golden caster sugar

• 100g light brown soft sugar

• 1 tsp vanilla extract

• 4 large eggs

• 225g self raising flour

• 2 tbsp milk

• toffee, chocolate or caramel pieces, to decorate

For Icing

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• 200g softened salted butter

• 400g icing sugar

• 70g caramel sauce, dulce de leche or caramel spread, plus 3 tbsp to serve


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• In this recipe we will be using the oven to start with preheating the oven for around 10 minutes at 180 degrees.

• In the meantime take the cake tins 20 cm and butter them nicely.

• Line the tins with butter paper which will help in a smooth transition from tins.


• The next step is making the cream. Using an electric whisk, beat butter and sugars to achieve a light and fluffy texture.

• Once that is done we will start adding vanilla, eggs and spoonfuls of flour making sure we are beating the mixture after each ingredient to achieve a smooth finish.

• Once that is achieved, we will be adding the remaining amount of flour and milk.

• Once this mixture is ready, it time to pour this mixture to the tins we had prepared previously.

• Divide the mixture between two tins and put it in the oven to bake for around 20 to 30 minutes.

• Keep checking for the colour to turn golden, which is an indication that it's getting cooked.

• To make sure it's cooked from the inside too, take a skewer and insert it in the cake to see if it comes out clean.

• If it comes out clean that means it's cooked.

• Once done keep it for cooling and do not touch it until completely cool.

• Keep the tins on a wire rack so that it gets air from all sides and the base cools down at the same time as the rest of the tin.

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• Meanwhile the sponge is getting cool, we move onto the icing part.

• For that we start by putting icing sugar and butter in a bowl and whisk until it feels very light and airy.

• Then we add caramel briefly and some boiling water (only if needed to loosen the icing).

• Once this is ready, put the icing on the sponge (make sure it is cooled down before you put it).


• Start icing the sponge on top and to bring them together. Use the remaining of the icing to cover the rest of the sponge.

• Spread it evenly to achieve a clean look. You can use a knife or back of a spoon to make it as smooth as possible.

• A cake stand can also be used to smooth out the sides of the sponge as it makes it easy because you can turn the sponge easily while on a stand.

• Let it cool till it gets set.

• Drizzle some sauce on top of the cake and let it smoother down to achieve a drip down effect.

• You can add edible glitter, sparklers to achieve the desired look.

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How did it go? We know you might have made some mistakes since you are a beginner, don’t worry practice will make you perfect. You can also try vanilla caramel cake, caramel apple cake, salted caramel chocolate cake, etc.

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