Why Half birthday celebration is picking a trend in India

There is a new party trend that is gaining momentum - a half birthday celebration. It is perfect for children with summer birthdays, who want to celebrate during the year with their school friends, as well as those with winter birthdays who always dream of outdoor celebrations. This practice of celebrating half-birthdays is becoming common. Just another chance to eat cake, a half-birthday celebration can represent a very good occasion to make your child feel special.

Half birthday celebration

There are so many interesting ways to celebrate your child's birthday. Before you get younger, you may have made a lot of plans, but once the child enters your life it changes completely. Your responsibilities increase and occur many times. There are a lot of parents who cannot wait for a year to celebrate their child's birthday because it’s a trend and Some people decide to celebrate a half birthday as just another reason to celebrate! Here are some reasons why celebrating a half birthday is becoming a trend in India.

You have a Summer Baby

Children born between June and August may sometimes miss the birthday celebration. Because many of the parents go out for holidays with their little ones and that will make your geist list short. A half-birthday celebration that occurs during the school year gives your child the opportunity to feel special and you can invite your child’s friend’s who may not be around during the summer.

You have a Summer Baby

To Capture Picture-Worthy Moments

Babies change dramatically in six months. This is different when they are 8 or 12 years old. This is another reason why 6 month birthday celebrations are picking up trends. You get to share Picture-worthy moments online to show your growing baby cutting half birthday cake and you can save those moments as a memory to show it to the baby when he/she grows up.

To Capture Picture-Worthy Moments

You Are a New Parent

New parents have a strange attraction for celebrating half-birthdays. In fact, some also celebrate monthly birthdays. “Something that is trending abroad is now very much followed here. There are many new parents who celebrate their children's monthly birthdays until they are one year old.

You Are a New Parent

Sentimental Values

Being a indian you are born with sentimental values. There is a track of passionate reasons behind celebrating every half birthday and it makes it more special. A way to appreciate and celebrate life. This is one of the main reasons why celebrating half birthdays is picking up trends.

Sentimental Values

Because 6 months Birthday Cake is a trend!

A 6 months Birthday Cake is the most precise birthday cake to celebrate the six month birth anniversary of the baby. From 6 months of welcoming sheer joy in this world to 6 months of togetherness, one is sure to have a happy 6 months of any celebratory event when it is celebrated over a scrumptious cake. The cake justifies the reason for the celebration and is trending too.

6 months Birthday Cake

Few other reasons to celebrate 6 month birthday celebration

-Helps children understand developmental process

- Realize their responsibilities

- Helps them open issues and talk

- Brings the family closer (provided it is a little together with the family)

Some people go out and others keep it small. Some regularly throw a birthday party, just at the half birthday mark, and others try something new. It’s a trend and people are following it.

Since half birthday parties are a non-traditional idea, there are no hard and fast rules that you have to follow. You can throw "half" a party You can throw a two-part party, half at home and half elsewhere. do whatever you want! So these were some trending reasons to celebrate your child’s half year bday. Happy celebrations!

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