Some Childhood Memories To Recall on Rakhi

The bond between siblings is unbreakable because it derives strength from the memories. We don’t want to sound biased here, but most of the fun-filled memories are related to childhood times. And if the siblings bond is a brother-sister bond, there is surely scope for some quirky memories. Childhood was the time when there were no worries but fun. No matter what you do and how you do, your brothers and sisters are always going to be with you from dusk to dawn and in every thick and thin of life.

How quirky and cool is that? You can haunt your sibling with a cricket bat one moment, and you can be all squishy and team up the very next moment. And that defines the power of sibling bonding.

Some Childhood Memories To Recall on Rakhi

Rakhsha Bandhan, the festival of Rakhi, is around the corner so we thought of recalling some childhood memories that you may have made with your brother/sister.

The Remote Fight

Yeah, you remember that! And we added ‘The’ before ‘remote fight’ because it’s that historic. (wink! wink!) We all had a fight with our siblings for having control over a television remote, and that’s something which is etched on the memory wall of hearts forever. We don’t know how many of you will agree on that, but sometimes the fight got so bad that it left some injury marks for life.

Remote Fight

Sister Scoring More in Exams: You get Scolded in Return

To all brothers out there, we understand what you have been through - that every time when your sister scored more marks than you in exams, and you get a gift of scolds from your parents. And when mom takes the side of the sister and compares her with you, oh God that fulfilling look on her face to make you feel jealous is what defines the bittersweet bond between brothers and sisters.

Sister Scoring More in Exams

Annoying Each Other With Weird NickNames

How can we forget this one? Those weird names that your brother or sister have given to you are stuck to your memories. The art of giving names and annoying each other is the love which has taken the form of lovely memories that are perfect to grace your day with a broader smile on your face.

Annoying Each Other With Weird NickNames

That Sweet Raksha Bandhan Precept

Among many memories that you have carved out from that dog-cat like fight with your brother/sister, there is one sweet memory that you both create every year. Yes, we are talking about moments shared by brother and sister on Raksha Bandhan. Sisters do strolling from shop to shop to buy the best rakhi for brother and brother saving their pocket money to buy a gift for sisters - a memory of pure love.

Sweet Raksha Bandhan Precept

We can keep on writing this piece as long as we want to because childhood memories can never be written in full. Every one of us has countless memories plasted firmly on our heart’s scrapbook. So, it’s better to keep it short and justified.

Find some time and share this with your siblings to make them revisit those fun full days.