Top 10 Most Beautiful Rakhis for your Brother

"There's no other love like the love for a brother. There's no other love like the love from a brother."- Astrid Alauda

Clearly, Raksha Bandhan is not about receiving, but also about giving or passing on your love to your brother. It is a traditional way of strengthening the bond that exists between a brother-sister duo. Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan revolves around celebrating this precious bond over a sacred thread called Rakhi which binds both of the siblings together and forever. Although Rakhi is usually celebrated in the month of August, sisters eagerly start finding a rakhi for brother to commemorate this special day. Some like to creatively design beautiful rakhi at home, others like to hit the markets or some Rakhi exhibition to find a very beautiful rakhi for their brother. Some of the online gift stores even offer good-quality beautiful rakhi for brother. Here are some of the most beautiful rakhi in the world that people have celebrated this blissful occasion over to make it a cherishable one.

1. Designer Rakhi

One of the world beautiful rakhi kinds has to include a designer rakhi, for sure. From semi-precious bedded in the creatively crafted Rakhi dial to suit the traditional yet the classy personality to your dearest Bhai, this rakhi is perfect for your cousin as well as real brothers.

Designer Rakhi

2. Zardozi Rakhi

These kinds of rakhi adds a bit of its royalty to the Rakhi festivities with its specially crafted rich-quality zardozi silk threads. What makes this rakhi so beautiful is its intricate designs which give a shimmery, expensive appeal. Making it one of the most desired rakhis of the generation. Zardozi comes from two Persian words: zar or Zarin meaning 'gold', and Dozi meaning 'sewing' which makes the Rakhi as precious as its embroidery work.

Zardozi Rakhi

3. Kundan Rakhi

If your brother is as precious as the gemstones, then he deserves to be tied a traditional Kundan rakhi. A special kind of gem setting with a gold foil between the stones and its mount is what makes Kundan rakhi so special. Dating back to 3rd century BCE, the illustrious Kundan has been incorporated in a Rakhi type to make the rakhi celebrations top notch.

Kundan Rakhi

4. Personalised Rakhi

As personalisation is the new cool and every different token of love is getting personalised, every now and then. So, why not a rakhi - the greatest gift which gets passed from a sister to her dear brother? Just like any other personalised gift options, personalised rakhi has also been blessed with a personal, intimate touch which leaves a remarkable impression on your brother’s mind and heart, when tied.

Personalised Rakhi

5. Metallic Rakhi

Rising your brother’s swag quotient up, a metallic rakhi is very manly, sturdy or hardy, just like the personality of your brother. May that shine on the beautiful metallic rakhi help your brother, even shine throughout his personal and professional life. And just the way a sharp metallic chemical bonding is unbreakable so happens to be your loving brother-sister bond.

Metallic Rakhi

6. Peacock Rakhi

As per age-old Indian traditions, a peacock is said to be a bird of protection and safeguarding. Over the years, this thought has been pulled in and as an eminent rakhi. As the whole point of tying a Raksha sutra on brother’s wrists revolves around his safety and well-being, hence a peacock rakhi comes under the top 10 most beautiful rakhi types.

Peacock Rakhi

7. Divine Rakhi

On the day of Rakhi, people start by worshipping Lord Ganesha or Lord Krishna, so a divine rakhi makes it perfect to celebrate this festival in the most pious manner. Having the Almighty so close to your brother will surely protect him from all the bad evil, which is what makes divine rakhis so beautiful.

Divine Rakhi

8. Pearl Rakhi

Just like diamond is a girl’s best friend, a pearl rakhi becomes an instant favourite for being simplistic yet utterly beautiful in its appeal. As compared to other kinds of rakhis, it can be even worn daily as a classic piece of flaunt worthy jewellery. When the tradition meets the modern, something like these pearl rakhi becomes the choice of every millennial.

Pearl Rakhi

9. Platinum Rakhi

Love gets conveyed in the most priceless manner over a platinum rakhi. If a sister is ready to go that extra mile (by investing a whopping amount of money) to prove her love for her brother, then a platinum rakhi is the best. As a platinum rakhi is quite durable, so unlike other kinds of beautiful rakhis, this can be worn throughout the year.

Platinum Rakhi

10. Diamond Rakhi

Diamond is the hardest element on this whole planet. Symbolising qualities like being bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style, a diamond rakhi is next-level awesome. It will always urge your brother to stay strong, no matter how many stones life throws at you.

Diamond Rakhi

So, these were all the beautiful kinds of Rakhi that will symbolise the string of prayer mantra for his health, well being and prosperity. If you are wondering where to find these, then you can shop at some offline or online gift shop. So, what’s the wait for? Start your rakhi online shopping, look out for the most precious one to treat the precious one (i.e. your brother) of your life.

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