Some Great & Unique First Anniversary Gifts

You just finished your eleven months of married and just next month is your 1st wedding anniversary or maybe love anniversary (if you are dating). Don’t worry, we have got your back! Here are some great first wedding anniversary gift ideas to make your married life or your love life a memorable one.

unique anniversary gift ideas

1. Donut Know

This is a last-minute gift idea but a must try one as unique first anniversary gifts. Buy a box full of donuts and on the cover write a cute note saying- “I Donut Love You” or maybe “ I Donut know, What I Would Do without you?”

last-minute gift idea

2. Map Frame

This can be among the best and most creative one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend. All you need to do is open google maps and search for the place where you and your partner first met. Zoom the map to a level, where the place name is visible and can be used as a frame. Take a screenshot of the same and get it printed on a plain sheet and frame it too. Write a cute message on the frame and you are done.

map frame

3. Pair of Shoes

Gift your partner a pair of shoes with a note on the cover saying cutely- “Always tie your Shoelaces as I do not want you to fall”. We assure you, this would make a perfect 1st anniversary gift for husband or wife.

shoe gift

4. Branded Hamper

A box or basket, full of daily essentials be it a watch, tie, earrings, shoes, clothes, grooming kit and more, is capable of doing a lot. Such hampers never hamper your love and relationship and uplifts the love.

gift hamper

5. No. Frame

Get all the images from the past 1 year of relationship and make a collage out of them in the shape of 1. Make sure the print of this collage is big enough to be visible from a distance and that it can make a perfect anniversary gift for wife. Get it framed and tada! you have got your one year anniversary ideas done.

number photo frame

6. Sticky Mirror

This idea is so simple and easy to execute. Just buy a sticky note pad in red or pink. Write as many reasons as you can and want to write, telling your partner about how much you love them. Stick these sticky notes in your bathroom mirror when your partner is asleep and you are done. This would be a perfect 1 year anniversary gifts for him/her.

 sticky mirror

6. Lift Pic Box

This is another simple idea that goes with not just anniversaries but birthdays, housewarming, Valentine’s and more such occasions. Take a small box (maybe of watch or anklet or a jewelry box) and on the lid of the box, stick a ribbon from inside. Stick the ribbon as long as you want and then stick pictures of your spouse or recipients pic on the ribbon. Drop a few small gifts in the box like chocolates, a ring, a keychain, a pair of earrings, a watch may be or anything you want, that fits in the box. Wrap the box and hola, your personalized first anniversary gift ideas are all prepared.

lift pic box

These are few among 100’s such gifting ideas that are quick, easy, personalized and quirky, all-in-one. Give such cute gifts to your loved ones and get back immense appreciation. Personalized gifts are in trend and if you think that is what you want to gift your loved as 1 year anniversary ideas for boyfriend or girlfriend or your spouse then we suggest you look after FlowerAura’s personalized gift deduction that is full of products that can be customized as per occasion and person.