11 Spectacular Hoya Plant Varieties

Hoya is a beautiful plant that enhances the beauty of indoors and makes home welcoming. They are a diverse genus that produces star-shaped flowers and sweet fragrances and has various hoya plant varieties that will leave you in awe. Some need minimal care, some need indirect sunlight, warmth, well-drained soil, some need soil to dry in between waterings, and some need the cool temperature to bloom. With different hoya plant varieties, you need different caring skills. Today, under this blog, you will know how to care for a hoya plant and what varieties it has. So, without wasting a minute, let’s have a look at the hoya plant varieties we have compiled for you.

Spectacular Hoya Plant Varieties

Hoya Plant Care Tips

There are many variations in the Hoya plant, and taking care of these variations is not really a challenging task. Today, we will study Hoya plant varieties but before that, let’s see how you can take care of these stunning Hoya plants.

- Some Hoya plants like low light, and some love indirect, bright sunlight. So, keep the Hoya plants in partial shade and see them thriving well.

- Prune Hoya plants very carefully. As flowers bloom from the old flowering spurs, so, trim accordingly.

- Let the soil dry between watering and let the water run out completely from the soil because it will saturate the soil better.

- Temperature is quite a crucial factor for Hoya plants. Therefore, keep the temperature between 15 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. Most Hoyas are not frost-friendly, so keep a check on the temperature.

Take care of these care tips and experience the beautiful blooms on Hoya plants.

Hoya Plant Varieties:

You can find almost 50 hoya plant varieties, but we have covered some 11 essential hoya plant varieties that you can grow at home and make your interiors astonishingly beautiful. So, let’s have a look…

Hoya Australis

Hoya Australis is one such hoya plant variety that produces white flowers with red accents, and these flowers have a strong, spicy fragrance. They have glossy leaves and have a climbing stem that makes them more beautiful. Hoya Australis is known as a wax vine or waxflower that enjoys indirect yet strong sunlight.

Spectacular Hoya Plant Varieties

Hoya Kerri

The bright emerald green colour of the Hoya plant is the talk of the town. This beautiful plant is often bought for its heart-shaped leave planted in a small pot. It almost looks like a succulent plant whose leaves can grow upto two and a half inches in size. It thrives well in bright light and needs very little care. So, bring it home and enjoy this sweetheart hoya’s presence around you.

Spectacular Hoya Plant Varieties

Hoya Wayetii

Who doesn’t like a beautiful hanging basket in their home? Well, everyone does, and therefore, you should have this elegant, dark foliage that leaves the Hoya Wayetii plant at home. The blooms are attractive plum flowers that compliment the leaves and make them look extremely beautiful. Hoya Wayetii is one such hoya plant variety that needs higher humidity, well-drained soil, balanced watering and indirect sunlight to thrive well.

Spectacular Hoya Plant Varieties

Hoya Obovata

Hoya Obovata is such a charming plant with saucer-shaped leaves and foliage tangling each other. This plant is well-known to produce star-shaped flowers in white to pale purple with red or pink centres. If you are a beginner, then this one hoya plant variety is perfect for you. All you need to do is take care of watering; else, you can manage this plant well.

Spectacular Hoya Plant Varieties

Hoya Retusa

Hoya Retusa is definitely a different kind of Hoya plant variety that you will come across. It’s sticky leaves coming out from different edges, making it look like a bunch that is chopped off. It prefers a cool temperature as then only the flowering will be triggered. Hoya Retusa produces chubby, white flowers with red or pink centred in between the bunch.

Spectacular Hoya Plant Varieties

Hoya Kentiana

As Hoya Kentiana gets bigger, it becomes better and more beautiful. Also, it becomes a stunning hanging basket that beautifies our home. Hoya Kentiana can grow well in moderate humidity and barky soil. This plant is well known for its waxed leaves, dark edges, and beautiful blooms. So, you can get Hoya Kentiana for your home and enjoy its presence.

Spectacular Hoya Plant Varieties

Hoya Carnosa

There are many excellent hybrids of hoya, but Hoya carnosa is the less recommended one. The leaves are wrinkled or otherwise textured, and the blooms of Hoya Carnosa last longer than others. They are happy when kept in a hanging basket; also, they tolerate moderate humidity. So, bringing this flowering plant, Hoya Carnosa, home is quite a good deal.

Spectacular Hoya Plant Varieties

Hoya Macrophylla

Long, waxy, light green, vein patterned foliage along with 3D texture looks like a great plant to bring home. Hoya Macrophylla is one such delightful hoya plant variety that has eye-catchy five inch long leaves along with outshined blooms. This plant thrives well in strong, indirect sunlight and in higher humidity; hence, this can be perfect for adorning your garden and making your home welcoming.

Spectacular Hoya Plant Varieties

Hoya Bella

One of the most demanding Hoya plant varieties is Hoya Bella. This is one such beauty that has deeply intended leaves and star-shaped blooms that look elegant enough. They need soil that should be a bit dry, not completely, and thrive well in cooler temperatures. You can also get this plant for your garden and enhance the beauty through this lovely Hoya Bella plant.

Spectacular Hoya Plant Varieties

Hoya Memoria

The pink blooms with a white or red centre exude a caramel scent, and this is how you can remember this hoya plant variety Memoria. The long elongated oval-shaped leaves with slight variegation are a perfect fit for your home. The beautiful Memoria plant needs little care, unlike other Hoya plant varieties.

Spectacular Hoya Plant Varieties

Hoya Fitchii

Have you seen copper colour blooms with a bright pink centre? If not, then you can easily experience this with the Hoya Fitchii plant. This gorgeous plant has webbed veins pattern on elegant leaves looks like an ideal plant to have at home. With higher humidity and balanced watering, this plant thrives well, but it is a slow-growing plant, don’t forget that.

Spectacular Hoya Plant Varieties


These are some of the mesmerising Hoya plant varieties that will make your home beautiful. Their sweet scent and variety of shapes are perfect for notching up your ambience. So, order Hoya plant varieties from a reliable online portal, make them a part of your home and rejoice in their presence. Hoyas are breathtakingly beautiful, and they will make you feel better.