Why Raksha Bandhan Is Celebrated

Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates siblinghood and the underrated bond and love they share. India is a land of festivals, and every feast that is celebrated has an aura, an affection that makes people feel good. We cherish each bond in different ways, and therefore, you would notice that after every two to three months, we celebrate some other occasion.

Why Raksha Bandhan Is Celebrated

This festival falls on the Purnima or Full Moon of Shravan month and is celebrated with enthusiasm and joy by Hindu people. The markets are fully decorated with lights, and colourful rakhi pieces and lip-smacking delights are made to commemorate this occasion. Well, this is just a glimpse, but we all know that every festival has its own story, and therefore, you must be thinking that why Raksha Bandhan is celebrated. Well, there is a beautiful story behind Raksha Bandhan that will mesmerise you and will leave you in awe. In this blog, we will discuss why rakhi is celebrated and learn about the rich culture India has to offer.

Why We Celebrate Raksha Bandhan

We often ask each other why do we celebrate Raksha Bandhan. Quite fair because nobody to date enlightened us about the story behind Raksha Bandhan and why this is such an auspicious occasion. This festival not only celebrates blood relations but teaches us to respect the sibling bond that two people share even when they are not biologically connected to one another. There are many stories about why rakhi is celebrated, but the conclusion remains the same - this festival is about making your mischievous partner feel precious. It is about praying for their longevity and prosperity.

The rakhi that you tie to your sibling is like a Raksha Kavach, a sacred thread that makes sure that your sibling remains safe from negative energies around. Raksha Bandhan is all about celebrating the eternal love siblings share, and therefore, tying rakhi is a must on this beatific occasion. As you tie this sacred thread, it is like you are pouring your blessings on your sibling, adding fortune to his life and keeping evil influences away. Not just to brother, but you can tie a rakhi to anyone whom you think protects you and takes care of you like a sibling. Some tie this auspicious thread to Bua, Bhatija, Bhabhi, Papa and Devar.

Story Behind Raksha Bandhan

Now, as you asked why Raksha Bandhan is celebrated, you must be curious to know about the story behind Raksha Bandhan. Well, there are many classic tales, but some of them are the best, and these stories teach us a lot about the relationship we share with our siblings. So, let’s explore the answer to why we celebrate Raksha Bandhan and why it is such an auspicious occasion in Hinduism.

The story goes back to Mahabharata's time when Draupadi and Lord Krishna established a sacred bond between them. Unintentionally Lord Krishna hurt himself, and Drupadi, an ardent follower of Lord Krishna, couldn’t see his wrist bleeding. She tore a piece from her Saree and wrapped it around Lord Krishna’s wrist to stop his blood. Lord Krishna highly appreciated this gesture, and he then became the brother of Draupadi, who guided and shielded him from the humiliation by Kauravs in Mahasabha. This story behind Raksha Bandhan still gives goosebumps.

Another story behind Raksha Bandhan is of King Bali and Goddess Laxmi, where Lord Vishnu defeated the demon king. King Bali was supposedly the most powerful king who had three worlds, but Lord Vishnu conquered all the three worlds breaking the arrogance of the King. The king then asked Lord Vishnu to stay by his side and reside in the same kingdom. Goddess Laxmi was upset with this arrangement and tied a sacred thread on King Bali’s wrist and made him a brother. She then asked the king to free her husband so that she could take Lord Vishnu back to Vaikunth. King Bali did the same as he could not turn down his sister.

After these incidents, people started celebrating Raksha Bandhan. These tales are still popular, and whenever someone asks why we celebrate Raksha Bandhan, the older people recite these stories, showing our rich culture and heritage.


The occasion of Raksha Bandhan is not just celebrating blood-related bonds, but it is also about celebrating the affection and respect two people share for each other, just like siblings. Now, you must be aware of why do we celebrate Raksha Bandhan? Hence, you must be looking for some fantastic online rakhi delivery that can woo your sibling and make them feel precious in your life. So, leave no chance to make your partner in crime feel like the most crucial person in your life. Tie the rakhi and celebrate this unique bond with them.