Stunning Indoor Flowering Plants You will Love to Bring Home

Flowers just make everything feel lighter and happier. Flowering plants can make the outside of your home beautiful, bright, and lively - so why not bring all these wonderful traits indoors? If you want to add some gorgeous flowers to your home this year, consider these indoor flowering plants - you will seriously fall in love with them.

Stunning Indoor Flowering Plants

Here’s the list of 10 Best Flower plants for the home you can try!

1. Begonias

If you are used to growing begonias outside, you know that many varieties make excellent houseplants, which bloom almost continuously in good condition. It will need a bright spot to bloom well but do not place it too close to the window or it can be harmed by drafts. They require little care and yet bloom with colorful flowers. With over 1,000 varieties, there's a size, color, and shape that's just right for your home.


2. Anthurium

If you want a gorgeous indoor flower consider anthurium. This flowering plant is a real deal maker, when it comes you are thinking of indoor houseplants. The anthurium has large, waxy heart-shaped flowers that come in vibrant shades of red, lavender, pink, or white. It requires medium to strong light for the best colors.


3. Peace lily

Peace lilies are among the easiest and best indoor flowering plants to grow, and they will produce blooms all year long. It is one of the popular indoor plants. They look beautiful with their hood flowers - this is why they are also known as cobra plants. This flowering plant has large green leaves and elegant white flowers. When the peace lily's leaves start to shed you'll know it's time for watering.

Peace lily

4. African Violets

African violets are one of the easiest, beautiful, and best indoor flowering plants. These flowers vary in color — lavender, white, purple, wine, pink, or bicolored. African violets do better in low light than most blooming houseplants and will bloom year-round with minimal care.

African Violets

5. Jasmine

Jasmine is another popular indoor flowering plant and it can make your house look beautiful. It is a fragrant flower that grows white and pink petals. They require high humidity, filtered sunlight, and minimal water, so planting them in the washroom is an ideal option. An ideal option for home decor and also for gifting your loved ones.


6. Flowering maples

Flowering Maples, so-called because their leaves are similar in size to maple leaves and can grow anywhere from 1.5 to 10 feet. You can control their size by regular pruning and selecting a suitable indoor flower pot. The larger the planter, the larger the flowering maple. Keep in a sunny area and add water only when the soil dries up.

Flowering maples

7. Lipstick Plant

Another African Violet relative, the lipstick plant looks particularly attractive in hanging baskets because it produces arched stems with showy flowers that hang from the branch tips. The plant blooms most in the autumn, but it can spread flowers from year to year. If you take it outside in the summer, red flowers can attract hummingbirds.

Lipstick Plant

8. Amaryllis

When there are almost no signs of life in your outdoor garden beds, amaryllis blooms in winter. Easy to grow in a small pot, you can expect bright, large flowers in red, orange, and pink colors. Overall, a great choice to make your house look beautiful and bright.


9. Guppy Plant

When you want something sizzling and a little cute, turn to the guppy plant, which has orange flowers that look different like orange goldfish. Guppy plants require medium to bright light, moderately dry soil, and usually, bloom in summer.

Guppy Plant

10. Orchids

Orchids are among the most amazing flowers available. Orchids like to dry between water and their roots carry a lot of air. They like a moist environment, so make a simple humidity tray to keep them happy. These delicate looking orchids are not as delicate in appearance. They will bloom for months and can survive for years with little care. They prefer bright, indirect lighting. Water once a week until it comes out from the bottom of the pot.


Flower houseplants add a layer of joy, bring color, and maybe even smell to your decor. While they may look fancy, some can survive only with basic attention.

So, these were some beautiful, easy to care indoor flowering plants with low light and no sunlight that won’t take much of your time and energy and will bloom throughout in a corner or wherever you will keep them. Happy planting!