What is a Divine Rakhi - Know It All from Here

“Vo ladna, vo jhagarna aur vo mana lena
Yehi hota hai bhai-behen ka pyar
Issi pyaar ko badane aata hai
Raksha Bandhan ka ye tyohaar!”

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi, as it is popularly is quite an eminent Hindu festival that marks the beautiful bond of brothers and sisters. “Raksha” means protection, whereas “Bandhan'' means the bond. It is one such pious festival which has some of the deepest human emotions of love, brotherhood and other such sublime sentiments attached to it. Rakhi or the thread of love/protection is tied on the wrist of brothers acting as a sweet reminder to take care of his darling sister and to protect her from any trouble. To celebrate the cordial emotional bond that exists between two lifelong friends, Rakhi is celebrated every year on the occasion of Sharva Poornima i.e on the day of a full moon in the month of August.

What is a Divine Rakhi

Since the olden mythological times, different beautiful stories revolve around this Indian festival. One such being Lord Krishna and Draupadi’s story. It is believed that Lord Krishna slit his finger while picking sugarcane as Draupadi was in the sight tore a bit of her saree and wrapped it around his finger. In return, Lord Krishna saved her from getting harassed and embarrassed in the kingdom by turning her saree into a never-ending piece of clothing. Another story which includes Yama and Yamuna gracing the festival of Rakhi and in return Yama granting her sister the boon of immortality. The list of such mythological stories would go on and on and on...And also, make us believe that not just across our hearts but also across our Lords’ heart it holds a special place. It’s a festival which is synonymous to being sacred, holy, auspicious and divine.

Placing so much of religious influence, nowadays a specific kind of rakhi designs called divine rakhi designs have shot to fame. Be it across, some online or offline shopping portal, these kinds of divine rakhi online or offline are quite everyone’s favourite. But, what is divine rakhi or how do we define it? Is it any different from the general kind of rakhis? A divine rakhi is a fancy kind of traditional rakhi which has either an eminent religious symbol, chant or Almighty’s face on it. As Rakhi rituals are observed on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravan and followed by other rakhi religious proceedings, a divine rakhi is perfect to commemorate this festival. Just like while viewing other kinds of rakhi online like a designer zardosi rakhi or a kids rakhi, a piece of divine rakhi online will have some different features which is what makes it so unique, one of its kind rakhi.

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To offer the creative rakhi options to every Indians, the gifting industry came up with this concept of designing divine rakhis. As some rakhis are nothing more than a holy thread (roli) and some beads, which after some time tend to wither away. But with changing time, looking into this matter, gifting companies have solved this problem by designing some attractive yet durable rakhi options. And these divine rakhis are not just durable but are also robust. What’s more? These divine rakhis can be worn daily, even after the rakhi festivities are over as a fancy bracelet or just as an accessory to flaunt your bro-sis love. Something like these divine rakhis when gifted to a living brother or even to any of your bhabhi (sister-in-law) is sure to make this Rakhi, a cherishable one.

Types Of Divine Rakhis

There are quite a few great options available for divine rakhis. So, if you are looking to shop for one such kind, then you better gear up to shop this kind of rakhi. As looking at the market trends, it vanishes within a blink of an eye. These are the types of divine rakhi that will surely make this festival for your brother. It might just require you to invest a bit more than the other kinds, but it is something worth all your penny.

1. Lord Krishna Rakhi

Lord Krishna Rakhi

2. Lord Ganesha Rakhi

Lord Ganesha Rakhi

3. Rudraksha Rakhi

Rudraksha Rakhi

4. Ik Onkar Rakhi

Ik Onkar Rakhi

5. Om Rakhi

Om Rakhi

6. Swastika Rakhi

Swastika Rakhi

7. Mauli Rakhi

Mauli Rakhi

8. Shree Rakhi

Shree Rakhi

9. Laxmi Ganesha Rakhi

Laxmi Ganesha Rakhi

10. Radha Krishna Rakhi

Radha Krishna Rakhi

So, this was all divine rakhi, its different types and basically, all about it! Celebrate this Raksha Bandhan over a beautifully crafted divine rakhi and leave your brother surprised to the core. As he pledges to keep you safe and protected, you help him seek the blessings of Almighty as he does so!

Happy Rakhi To All!