How To Take Care Of Rose Plants In Summer

Roses are the most beautiful and most loved flowers in the world. If you call yourself a rose lover, you should also know about rose plant care in summer. Every plant has its own challenges throughout the year and so do rose plants. It is very important that they are being taken care of very prominently. There are various types of roses, but the tips on rose care in summer that we have shared here are basic ones and will provide you with blooming results.

How To Take Care Of Rose Plants In Summer

Watering Care For Roses In Summer

  • Watering requirements for roses increase in hot and dry weather.
  • You should do watering with deep soaking every two weeks.
  • Make sure that the soil is soaked to the depth of 10 - 12 inches.
  • Provide water directly to the soil as watering foliage and blooms as it can increase disease problems for the rose plant.
  • Keeping mulch around roses helps the soil contain moisture and helps in controlling weeds.
  • Spread items such as cocoa bean hulls and shredded bark over the entire bed.
Watering Care For Roses In Summer

Fertilizing Need For Rose Plant

  • It is recommended to feed fertilizer to the rose plant three times a year for an abundance of blooms and vigorous growth.
  • Feed the first dose of fertilizer in early spring, just after the pruning process.
  • When your rose plant witnesses its first blooms, that's when you should feed the second dose of fertilizer.
  • For this application of fertilizers, mid to late July is the ideal period.
  • It is better to use general-purpose fertilizers with a balance of 5-10-5 or 10-10-10.
  • It is recommended that you water your rose plant thoroughly after fertilization.
Fertilizing Need For Rose Plant

Deadheading For Roses

  • It is very important to remove the spent flowers so that you can conserve the plant's energy.
  • Remove the faded flowers above the uppermost 3-leaflet leaf if it is a recently planted rose.
  • Do not remove large amounts of foliage from young plants as it can reduce its efficiency of producing blooms.
  • You should use sharp tools such as a knife or hand shears to cut out the faded flowers.
Deadheading For Roses

Control Insects & Diseases

  • You can keep your rose plants safe from insects and disease pets by having a continuous spray habit through the summer months.
  • You should apply fungicides before the symptom of diseases shows up and re-apply as mentioned on the label.
  • Spray on both upper and lower sides of the petals and leaves to prevent infection at par.
How To Control Insects & Diseases

Wrapping Up:

With proper care, you can have the best rose blooms in your garden. And the amount of happiness and positivity that roses will provide you is just majestic. You can create an eye-warming aura of blooms in your backyard or in-house garden by adding different types of flowers, which you can get with flowers delivery in Chennai or wherever your garden blooms heavenly.