Flower Represents Love - What Flowers Mean Love Forever?

There are many ways to say the words ‘I Love You’. But, there is no better way to say out loud what you feel deep inside. The same goes with a plethora of flowers that represent your love and affection. It is essential to know what flowers mean by love. Like the straightforward way of saying the power words, red roses are the best flowers that represent romance, eternal love, prosperity, and happiness. Other than red roses - there are various other flowers that symbolise love. So, that anyone can express feelings and emotions to their loved ones, depending on their relationships.

What Flower Represents Love

Here are some other flowers that will help you solve the question, ‘which flower represents eternal love?’


They come in a variety of colours that also have their significance. But the most significant are red tulips, which symbolise true love.

Tulip Represents Love


These flowers symbolise fascination and distinction. Carnations with light shades of red symbolise love and admiration, while those with darker shades represent deeper feelings for love and affection.

Carnation Represents Love


They symbolise adoration, loyalty and longevity. This cheery bloom is a perfect way to tell someone they are a friend for life and appreciate what they do for you.

Sunflower Represents Love


These flowers represent love, simplicity, and happiness, good fortune and new beginnings. Gift this sweet bloom to a little one to represent purity, childhood innocence, simplicity and charm.

Daisy Represents Love


Still looking for ‘what flower represents family love?’ the Hydrangea will help you bring out your deepest feelings and emotions to your better half and family.

Hydrangea Represents Love


They symbolise love, refinement, and purity. However,h they come in various colours. The most popular are orange lilies, which symbolise love and passion.

Lily Represents Love


These flowers represent love, sweetness, and purity. They are some of the best flowers to present to children and family. They also represent hope and trust.

Gardenias Represents Love

In Conclusion

The flowers mentioned above will help you answer your question ‘what flower represents love?’. You will also find various flowers to express love and best wishes to your near and dear ones. If you are looking for the perfect flowers to send to your loved ones in Delhi - check out some flawless arrangements available for flower delivery in Delhi.