Testify the Incredible Recipe for Berry Cake

Interesting how sometimes we lose all control over our taste buds when crazy cravings kick in and pressure you to bow down to them. On the one hand, it is a pleasure to be able to savour deliciousness be it for any reason, and on the other, it seems sickening how we have to prep and grind ourselves to reach that tasty treat. There are a bunch of selective dishes that can trigger your cravings and cakes are definitely on top of that list. It is a pro deal to order the cake you want, but if you are looking up to save both time and money, we have a few unconventional suggestions. How would you like to get your hands on a legacy like cream cake recipe made with berries and taste this supremacy any time you want.

Recipe for Berry Cake

The scrumptious deity ready in less than two hours gives you something to pass your time with as it gives you a delicious taste too.

Let's start jamming this recipe for berry cake beginning with the ingredients. All you need is:

1. 8 eggs

2. A cup of sugar

3. A cup of all-purpose flour

4. Sliced strawberries in two cups

5. Blueberries

6. Blackberries

7. Raspberries

8. A tablespoon of chopped rosemary

9. A cup of berry jam

10. Two whole cups of heavy cream

11. Two spoons of vanilla extract

12. Powdered sugar to beautify the top

It's time to dive into the cream cake recipe and begin baking this heavenly invention

cream cake recipe

1. Use a cake pan and grease it with butter placing a parchment paper on top to keep it greasy yet none sticky.

2. Begin heating the oven at 375 degrees F already to keep it ready.

3. In order to make the batter beat eggs and sugar together on high speed preferably using an electric mixer till it looks light in weight still double in volume.

4. Now put the flour in a manner that you do not deflate the existing batter.

5. Pour this batter into the cake pan and begin baking it in the oven for nearly 30 minutes. (You can cook the batter at once and divide it into two halves later, or you could use cake pans to keep the job comfortable).

6. After they are done, wait for them to cool down before taking them out of the cake pan to avoid ruptures.

7. Now comes the fun part. Put all the berries in a bowl together along with two spoons of sugar.

8. Mix them with a light hand with some rosemary keeping them intact and juicy.

9. On top of this put, some heavy cream with two more tablespoons of sugar and toss some vanilla extract too.

10. Keep whisking till they are merged yet firm to be able to be spread evenly on the sponge cake.

11. Now take a piece of cake and spread jam on it evenly.

12. Now spread a layer of the prepared combo of cream and berries. (You can keep the centre heavy by placing extra berries)

13. Place the other sponge on the top of this prepared one and press it to make it stick together.

14. Do the same to the top of this cake.

15. Garnish it with powdered sugar, and you are all ready to serve.

Are you ready to try your hands on this enchanting fruit cake recipe then what's holding you back? Try it once, and you will know what it's worth.

berry cake recipe

Do get your little and loved ones get a taste of it too. Happy baking!