15 Things to Do On Father's Day To Make This Day Memorable

Fathers are one of the most amazing gifts given by God. While mother’s more on the emotional side, fathers always tend to maintain that air of superiority however they are equally emotional and lovable on the inside, which they often show silently through their gestures. From fulfilling all our demands to giving us life long lessons that have helped us on living a successful life, fathers play an important role in our journey and we should surely thank him for all his efforts.

 Things To Do On Father's Day

This Father’s Day, take an opportunity to thank your father for all he has done for you by doing things that he will surely appreciate. Here is a list of things to do for Father’s Day to celebrate the presence of your lovely father in your life and to make him feel special on this day. Check out for yourself.

1. Serve Your Dad A Lavish Brunch:

If you are wondering what to do on Father’s Day at home, food is always there for your rescue. You can prepare a lavish brunch for your father at home including some of his favourite dishes which will make him feel happy and special.

 Serve Your Dad A Lavish Brunch at Fathers day

Include options like pancakes, french toast, quesadilla, and other such delicious treats. You can also prepare a home made Father’s Day cake and treat him to an amazing dessert in the end.

2. Give Him A Surprise Gift:

Gifts are one of the best ways to make your father excited and amazed at the same time is to give him a surprise gift. You can go for grooming kit, clothing and also his favourite sport equipment and keep it beside him or in his room in his absence. The best gift for Father’s Day is to arrange for an online cake and Father’s Day flower delivery at his doorstep.

 Give Him A Surprise Gift

3. Have A Family Game Night:

What’s better than enjoying a family game night with your loved ones on this special day. Share laughter and joy together by organising for some games that will keep your father engaged and also make him have a wonderful time with his family. You can include games like sequence, trivial pursuit and many more easily available online.

 Have A Family Game Night

4. Pack Up A Backyard Picnic:

If you are looking for fun things to do on Father’s Day, this is one of the best options that you can consider. A backyard picnic will not only bring the family together but also let you and your father have hours of enjoyment, fun and of course some good food.

 Pack Up A Backyard Picnic

5. Pamper Him With A Spa:

Our father’s have been working day and night to fulfill our needs and they definitely deserve a day of relaxation. Gift him a voucher of his favourite spa where he can relax and relieve his senses of all the stress. You can also convert your home into a relaxing spa by scented candles around, soft music and giving him a good massage with the spa kit that you plant to give him.

 Pamper Him With A Spa at fathers day

6. Go For Hiking:

If your father is an adventure seeker, you can definitely take him for hiking. Enjoy the day by viewing beautiful sights and have wonderful experiences while hiking with your father. Not only will he love this activity, but you will also get time to spend with him.

7. Watch A Movie Together:

Nothing can be better than watching a movie with your father while savouring a pack of popcorns. We know that you would definitely have an idea of your father’s favourite movie and hence surprise him with a movie night on this special day. Also, keep by his side his favourite snacks that he will surely love and deserves.

 Watch A Movie Together

8. Enjoy Camping:

How about a night under the stars with the man who always taught you dream big! Sounds an amazing plan right! Well, if your father is much of an adventurer, this will be the best Father’s day surprise for him. Take your camps along and place them on a beautiful hill, from where you can enjoy the views and spend a wonderful time together.

 Enjoy Camping at fathers day

9. Take Him For Shopping:

Shopping is no harm and taking your father for shopping will surely tell him how much you love him. If you do not wish to go out, you also have the option for online shopping where you can make your father choose some of his favourite items and get them delivered at your doorstep as his gift for Father’s Day.

 Take Him For Shopping at fathers day

10. Enjoy Dinner At His Favourite Restaurant:

Book a table at your father’s favourite restaurant and also order food of his choice to surprise him for it is his day. You can also ask the restaurant to arrange for a Father’s Day special cake and also plan a music session that he can enjoy while eating his favorite food at the restaurant.

 Enjoy Dinner At His Favourite Restaurant

11. Host Beer Tasting:

If your father loves beer, it is a great day to raise a toast to him with beer. Cool off with a refreshing pint and plan an afternoon sampling different craft beers. Who knows he might just find his new favourite and you will surely be the one he will thank.

 Host Beer Tasting

12. Go Fishing:

An afternoon by the lake, fishing and chatting seems to be the perfect way to spend Father’s Day. Learn new fishing skills with your father and enjoy your catch by the river side. You can also set up a grill near the river and enjoy fresh seafood with some delicious wine.

13. Plan A Road Trip:

A road trip is not only a nice but also a refreshing idea to celebrate Father’s Day. You can plan a short trip with your family to your father’s favourite place and enjoy the journey with some beautiful music and amazing views.

 Plan A Road Trip

14. Enjoy His Favourite Outdoor Game:

Is there any outdoor sport that your father loves to play? If yes, you can surely enjoy a match with him on this special day and make him feel special too. Be it cricket, badminton, golf, or basketball, take your father out, probably to a sports complex and spend hours playing his favourite game.

 Enjoy His Favourite Outdoor Game

15. Set Up A Grill:

You can easily set up a grill at your home and serve your father some amazing grilled food that he will savor for a lifetime. Do not forget to accompany food with some amazing wine and make for an unforgettable afternoon.

 Set Up A Grill

Well, we are sure that you will find some of the ideas that you can implement to celebrate Father’s Day and make it a memorable occasion for a lifetime.

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