7 Thoughtful and Unique Things You can do on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s the day to celebrate the most important person in your life - dad! For some, their dad is their mentor and idol, for some their dad is their best friend with whom they can share anything without the fear of getting judged, for some their dad is their genie as whatever they wish, the dad makes it come true. A father has many roles and jobs to do, and without saying NO, they fulfil it all. All such dads surely deserve a day on which it is your duty to make that day special for them. With the help of some unique gifts for dad and different thoughtful things, you can light up the Father’s Day celebrations with ease. Below are some ideas to make the occasion a special one for your dad.

Things to do on Fathers Day

1. Surprise him with Midnight Cake/cupcake Delivery

What’s better than kicking off the special occasion with a delectable cake/cupcake? And obviously, nothing’s better than surprising him with doorstep midnight cake/cupcake delivery. Choose a special father’s day theme cake/cupcake for your dad and order it from an online bakery. Your delicious gesture will surely fill him with joy and happiness.

Surprise him with Midnight Cake/cupcake Delivery

2. Send Floral Subscription

Flowers can speak louder than words, and the blooming blooms will express all your feelings. Not just send a bunch of fresh flowers on Father’s Day, but get a flower subscription for him. The beautiful flowers will be delivered to his home or office every week or month according to the subscription that you choose. It is surely one of the most unique gifts for Father’s Day.

Send Floral Subscription

3. Go out on Family Picnic

Let your dad enjoy a day or two from the busy schedule by taking him with the family on a picnic trip. You can go to the famous excursion places in your town or on the outskirts of town. Prepare some food and pack up some fruits. Buy some chips, cookies, and cold drinks and enjoy the picnic to the fullest. Click some delightful and charming photographs and then later get it framed or place it in the photo album.

Go out on Family Picnic

4. Binge Watch Netflix

If you are lucky enough to be with your dad at home on Father’s Day, then how about binge-watching Netflix with him instead of your friends or partner? Sounds fun, right? Go on to the streaks to complete the whole seasons of new TV series. Get enough snacks and drinks around the bed so that you won’t have to pause in between.

Binge Watch Netflix

5. Present him with a DIY Gift

A DIY gift like an explosion box, scrapbook, etc. will fill your dad with delight. Design these easy gifts with your creativity and tutorials available on the internet. Collect all the charming photographs of your stylish dad and place it creatively and decoratively inside the box or book. Use some colours and other craft materials to give your gift a classy touch.

Present him with a DIY Gift

6. Cherish Old Memories over LUDO/Chess

Going down the memory lane is always a great idea, and surely your dad has some of the best memories from childhood times. Take one of his photo albums and relive those moments of his life. While doing so, play a game of LUDO, Snake Ladders, Chess, or any other fun game to make the day more happening. Make sure that you don’t get busy on your phone xD.

Cherish Old Memories over LUDO/Chess

7. Go for Bowling/Swimming

If he loves swimming or bowling or maybe both, then go out with him to enjoy these activities with him. Click some breathtaking photographs there, and after that, you can go to watch some movie and then finally to a restaurant. It will surely make him the happiest on his special day.

Go for Bowling/Swimming

So, these were some of the unique Father's Day celebration ideas. Surprise your father with these amazing ideas. You can also buy personalised gifts for father's day to add charm to the occasion and his special day. Do these things and bring a graceful smile to his face with your unique and thoughtful gestures.