10 Thoughtful Personalised Gifts for Grandma

You and I have grown up listening to “Dadi-Nani ki Kahaniyaan.” Those are the golden days we miss dearly. Listening to Panchatantra stories, rabbit-tortoise, and crow-fox moral stories, bheem-taal epics under the blanket of twinkling stars, those nights were the best nights of our lives. And those days were the brightest days of our lives, where our grandma used to feed us with her hands home-cooked food.

Aur fir hum bade ho gye, aur ye din-raat khwaab ban gye. Aao firse jeeyein unn sunhero palon ko, aao firse sunne unn dadi-nani ki kahaniyoon ko. Yes, recreate the magic of those golden days by visiting your grandparents or spending more time with them. Resting your head in your grandma’s lap and listening to her words of wisdom. Because grandma’s words are comforting, hands are healing, and heart is of gold.

Thoughtful personalised gifts for grandma

While you give your grandma a visit or plans to spend a whole day with her; do not forget to take along a personalised gift for her. Grace her with a token that is as beautiful and unique as her personality. And what’s better than customised tokens?

Here is a list of comprehensive but by no means exhaustive list of personalised gifts for grandma.

1. Photo-Frames

When we talk about personalised grandma gifts, it’s hard to miss photo-frames. Frame the loveliest picture of you with your grandma or grandparents from your childhood and gift it to them. It would surely hit them with a nostalgic vibe.

Photo frames for grandma

2. Cushions

A grandma never runs out of hugs. Give her a warm and tight hug over a comfy personalised cushion. Either imprint the cushion with a beautiful picture of your grandma or engrave it with your feelings like “That you are a wonderful mother,” “Never underestimate the power of grandmas,” etc.

Cushions for grandma

3. Mugs

Beverage mugs make for thoughtful and useful customised gifts for grandma because after you, if there is a thing she loves the most is, her morning and evening tea. Mugs with the words “You are the best mom,” or the ones with a photo and name of the grandma or one with a funky handle are the top choices to consider.

Mugs for grandma

4. Plants

Anything and everything in this world can be personalized, even the plants. For years she has nurtured Tulsi in her aangan, it’s time for her to nourish other green beauties such as Money Plant, Syngonium Plant, Lucky Bamboo, Aloe Vera, etc. Personalize the vase with pictures and quotes to make her bloom in happiness.

Plants for  grandma

5. LED Lamps

Your grandma makes your day, colours your way with the brightest ray, and makes you happy all the way. It’s your chance to turn her greys into colourful days by gifting her an LED photo lamp. From bottle lamps to rotating lamps to mirror lamps, it is the best gifts for grandma- who illuminates your life in numerous ways with happiness and sweetness.

Led lamp gift for grandma

6. T-Shirts

If you are blessed with cool grandparents who love to slay, then printed t-shirts are the idyllic personalised gifts for grandparents. Pick a set of king-queen, the boss-the real boss, together since 1988 or t-shirts with cool prints for your Dada-Dadi or Nana-Nani and help them put their stylish foot forward.

Personalised t shirts for Grandma

7. Cakes

Though she is a great cook, she deserves to be spoilt with everything sweet and tasty. Make a home delivery of her favourite snacks and a photo cake. An edible photo or poster cake is one of the gift ideas for grandma that will never fail to charm her heart. The cake in her favourite flavour acts as the icing on the cake.

Poster cake for Grandma

8. Aprons

You have grown up relishing food cooked by your grandmother. The finger-licking- good food, we must say! Honour her cooking soul with a personalised apron. A white apron doodled with “Grandma ke Haath ka Khaana, Ek Swaadisht Bahana,” “To the best cook in the world” makes for the personalised thoughtful gifts for grandma that she will love using for years to come.

Aprons for grandma

9. Passport Covers

She is not just your grandmother, but your travel companion as well. For her heart that is young and finds solace in globetrotting, personalised passport cover is the presents for grandma that we swear by. You can get one for yourself matching with your grandma because she is your twining partner as well.

personalised passport cover for grandma

10. Explosion Box

Explode your grandma’s heart with love, care, and warmth with an explosion box. A handcrafted box, personalised with lovely pictures, heartwarming quotes, and lots of affection. Boom! Boom! Boom!

Personalised explosion box

A garden of love grows in a Grandmother’s heart, nutrify it with personalised gifts, and embrace blooms of warmth and affection.