It’s #Throwbackthursday, Guys!!

A must-read for the Netizens

Posting pictures from the yesteryear’s album may be embarrassing for some, C’mon we all looked weird back then. Don’t you think? Or you want the world to know that some months or years ago you took your mom on vacation captioned with nostalgic lines, or whatever it may be, #tbt make all the pictures look gorgeous and nostalgic.

photographs for #throwbackthursday

Well, the netizens know #tbt is “Throw Back Thursday” and a smart move to get the love, likes, and to trend (Is it?) In the world of social media, throwback Thursday or TBT is a popular hashtag used with photographs mainly posted on Instagram and Facebook.

As you all have been using #tbt, #throwbackthursday on every second post of yours, you would surely like to know it’s origin.

Throwback has been associated with objects that are deemed to be vintage and classic as defined in the Urban Dictionary.

According to Wikipedia, the Sports Illustrated started the practice of regular postings (on Thursday) of old basketball footwear in 2006 titling the series as “Throwback Thursday.” And in no time you learnt that in addition to a regular Thursday, now we have a Throw Back Thursday.

FlowerAura is celebrating Nostalgic November-- a memorable ode to the khati-mithi yaadein. A throwback to all the carefree childhood days, to the loving days spent with family and friends, and naughty moments shared with siblings.

In our Throwback Thursday, we are celebrating:

1. Family, Friends, and Lovers: Family, friends, and lovers are an indispensable part of your life. They are the ones who splash colours of love, warmth, care, happiness, and wisdom into your dull life. It is with them we make a thousand memories, so sharing a one or two is obligatory.

2. Childhood: Undoubtedly, we all crave to live our childhood days again. There isn’t a person who wouldn’t agree on this. With #ThrowBackThursday a golden opportunity awaits you-- to relive your childhood once again with tears of joy.

3. Siblinghood: Siblings are the creatures we do not want to co-exist with, but we can’t live without. The feeling is common among all brothers and sisters. We have spent half of our life fighting and having fun with them. #ThrowBackThursday is a way to honour the loveliest and strongest bond-- the siblinghood.

And, FlowerAura welcomes you all to share your #Throw Back Thursday moment! We would like to be a part of your beautiful journey. So share your memories with us on our social media platforms with the hashtag #throwbackthursday.