Why Plants are Perfect for An Anniversay Gift?

Earlier, it was not that obvious to gift something green on special occasions, probably because people were not aware of that kind of goodness, it blesses us with. Or probably because gifts were always meant to be materialistic or keepsake and not thoughtful, maybe. But, nowadays with changing times and ways, people appreciate the beauty as well as the benefits of plants. People are getting aware of the fact that plants are those saviours which care about your health and can save us from the current detrimental condition of Mother Earth. So, gifting plants across any special occasion or festivals show that the recipient cares about the sender, unconditionally.

anniversary plant gift

Anniversaries are like a very special life milestone for everyone. It shows how blessed two people are to be able to share their life with each other. So, if your parents, friends or someone close is about to celebrate his/her togetherness, then you must consider a list of plants to be gifted on the anniversary. Not just that, one can consider gifting each other a plant on an anniversary. Be it, a husband giving it to his beloved wife as a meaningful anniversary gift for wife or vice-versa, it always seems like a noble idea.

Every plant has a different nature and benefit which makes it, even more, desirable. And that is why people tend to get pleased with its different hues, appeals, and benefits. Some bless us with good, positive vibes, while some other help to air the air that we breathe. While looking for the best anniversary gifts for parents, make sure to shortlist the plant as per keeping the following factors in mind - adaptability, benefits, care requirements, placement for better results and among many other such factors. After deciding on the basis of these factors, one needs to look for the best plant to gift on an anniversary. There shall be many according to factors or qualities, one looks for, but you need to make sure it has got both appeal and benefits, because it’s after all, anniversary gifts for parents or any other couple, who matter to you.

plant to gift on an anniversary

So, can basically go for some special anniversary tree plants or bonsai, as popularly called or for some household plants. Plants of succulent variety are also good to be gifted, keeping in mind their minimum water requirements. Not just across anniversaries, one can gift these beauties across a plethora of special occasions like birthdays, housewarmings or any other festivities.

anniversary plants

Some of the plants that bring luck, wealth, prosperity and health are palm, money tree, rubber plant, peace lily, jade plant, orchids, English ivy, spider plant, morning glory, and philodendron. As per Feng shui, these plants are said to attract good Chi (energy) inside the house and thereby, blessing us with their following goodness. Gifting green has replaced the special notion of gifting flowers as the flowers tend to lose their beautiful appeal and aroma way quickly than probably any other thoughtful gift. While gifts like plant shall be always there with you if taken proper care.