Time for Tour in Search of Best Outdoor Plants for Home

Every Indian home is blessed with plants, be it a Tulsi plant in the verandah or the wall climbers at the entrance. For ages, we have been planting these Green family members, in our houses, for one or the other reason. But, do you know, there are bulk of plants that can be planted in or out of the house, to maintain both positivity and greenery?

Tour in Search of Best Outdoor Plants for Home

Champa (Plumeria)

Champa, as we all knew it from our childhood days, this plant is deciduous and is found in almost every nook-and-corner of almost every Indian city. Earlier, in our childhood days, Champa-Chameli used to be our friend and their fragrance used to light up our surroundings. So, nostalgic memories those were, no?

Champa - Plumeria

Gulhad (Hibiscus)

One of the prettiest, lively and most beautiful outdoor plants that help us to enhance the beauty of our surroundings is Gulhad plant. The flowers of Gulhad can be of any color and it holds scientific importance too. Well, that reminds us of our mother oiling our head with oil, infused with the Gulhad plant. Ahh… those magical chumpies.

Gulhad - Hibiscus

Rajnigandha (Tuberose)

Rajnigandha is a plant that flowers a beautiful and fragrant white flower, which is quite famous in Indian culture because of its beauty and refreshing smell. This flower is part of a lot of decorations made during different celebrations. And this is surely going to be one of the best outdoor plants for home.

Rajnigandha - Tuberose

Mogra (Jasmine)

Some things, bring memory as soon as we hear that word. Remember those childhood days, when we use to run after those fragrant trees while going in the garden to play. No other fragrance could ever replace some naturally fragrant things like a bunch of Mogra flowers. Though, they are still common in the streets of India, but not as much as the old days.

Mogra - Jasmine

Above are some best outdoor plants for winter, summer, and every other season of the year. Pick your choice and plant it today in your lawn or in your locality, to breathe in some amazingly fragrant atmosphere, which is the need of this hour. Not just these, there are many other such pretty looking, flowering plants that take us back to our childhood days and make us relive us those moments! After all, the best thing we can do is to stay close to nature.

Flower Market

So, this time don’t just buy a plant to sow in your open garden, in fact, buy a memory to be cherished, all through your life and enjoy. For more such options, go visit us at FlowerAura’s official website and scroll down over your memories with some natural, green gems.