How to Plan My First-Anniversary Candlelight Dinner?

Candlelight dinners are the most romantic things in a couple’s life specially when they are celebrating their first anniversary. As your first anniversary approaches your thoughts naturally turns into romance and what could be more alluring than a soft, flickering glow of a scented candle? Along with a glass of wine, candlelight has become one of the essential ingredients of making the night more romantic. You don’t always have to go out in a crowded restaurant or expensive places to celebrate your 1st wedding anniversary sometimes those blissful moments with your beloved at the comfort of your home feel right. We are giving you some amazing tips here with which you too will be able to set an enduring candlelight dinner just for the two of you. So, ready to swept off your beloved feet? Here you go

Wedding Anniversary Celebration

By the Pool Side

When was the last time you two went swimming together or spent time in a hot bathtub? We know your answer must be it’s been a while. Well, how about adding spice to your night? Plan a candle night dinner by the poolside and what you can do is, with the help of tealights transform the poolside from a splash zone to a romantic retreat. Blindfold your partner and romantically bring him or her to the poolside and slowly open up the fold and surprise him/her and make your date a memorable one.

Pool Side Dinner

Decorate the hall with Scented Candles and Flower Petals

Nothing is more romantic than surprising your partner with scented candles and flower petals. On the first wedding anniversary decorate the room or your living space with rose petals and scented candles everywhere in the room and create a romantic atmosphere. Start with opening a champagne bottle or wine and enjoy the night binge-watching or talking either way you like.

Decorate Room With Flowers and Petals

In a Tent

Sounds bizarre right? Bizzare things are always romantic. Plan a date somewhere on the outskirts of the city in a tent. Decorate the tent with tealights and lanterns and to make the night more romantic cook your partner’s favourite dish. Take advantage of the natural coziness of a tent by setting dinner inside. Fill the tent with comfortable cushions for maximum smuggling and keep your date warm with a glass of red wine or hot chocolate. Bonus points if you warm up together by a campfire!

Dinner in Tent


There is nothing more romantic than a coastal breeze flowing into your hair and you are holding your partner’s hand and enjoying a romantic kiss. Already thinking about this in your head? Isn’t romantic? Why not do it for real? If you are planning a first anniversary gift for boyfriend or husband then this is the most romantic one. Set the mood with a lantern and tealights and don’t forget to bring a cosy blanket, folded chairs and a bottle of wine to make the night cozy and seductive.

Dinner at Sea Side

Home is the Best Place to Enjoy a Candle Night Dinner

What can be more seductive than spending time with your partner in the comfort of your home? When you share a candlelit space with someone, you’re creating your own, intimate little world within that pool of light. This is why a candlelit dinner has become the ultimate in a romantic night.

Candle Light Dinner at Home

So, these were some lit 1st wedding anniversary celebration ideas to make your first anniversary a memorable moment. For more such ideas or to buy a surprise anniversary gift for husband on first wedding anniversary or gifts for wife, visit FlowerAura and make your gifting experience truly wonderful.