Time To Realize Which Superhero Characteristics Your Dad Has The Most

Dad-the first and the most important man in our lives. Dads have done so much to help us grow into the persons what we are today. He protects us, cares for us, shows the proper path and always inspires. He does all these things just like the superheroes.

And like superheroes, dads too come in different shapes and personalities. Now, this article tells you about the popular superheroes and their unique “Fatherly” characteristics. You can easily find your dad’s characteristics in any of them. Now it’s time to celebrate the Father’s day by paying a heartfelt tribute.

Which Superhero is your Dad alike?

1.Man Of Honor, Demi-God - Superman

Your dad is brave, kind-hearted and he has a strong moral code and ethics. Just like Superman, your dad has a very powerful sense of wrong and right and always respects the law. He has always been the one you can fully count on. What’s more, he’s highly inspiring. He never sets any limit on what you can achieve. With his encouragement and great support, you truly feel that you can fly.

Thanks, dad for being the superman in our lives.


2.Dark Knight- The Silent Watcher and Protector

The strong sense of purpose is what defines your dad the most. He’s comfortable in all the social situation but always prefer to stay in the background, continuing his work silently and with dignity. Sometimes it may seem like he stays in the distance but at the same time, you really know how much he cares about you and the entire family. He keeps watching over you long after you have gone to sleep. He has the special ability to make the night magical for you.

Thank you very much dad for your quite strength!

Dark Knight

3.Your Dad Posses The Web Of Love

Your dad always loves to sneaks up behind you and give you a surprise tickle. He’s a web full of fun and unpredictability. One minute he dashing off on an important business trip and the next he’s returning back loaded with gifts for the family. He has a wise-cracking mouth and teases you most of the times. Beneath that goofy mask, he loves his family like anything and would climb the highest peak at any given point of time.

Thanks, dad for making the life really interesting.

Your Dad Posses The Web of Love

4.Badass Dad- Wolverine

He’s the man your female friends always excitedly whisper about. Strong, highly protective and always radiating a confident rebellious aura, your dad is the perfect man. He is the man with the pure honesty, a strong sense of humor and he always stays unflappable even when you get in trouble also. He is very much stern when needed but the moment he wraps his arm around you, you feel completely safe.

Thanks, dad for being relentless.

Badass Dad-Wolverine

5.Captain Family:

He may have been in the army. The military or police force. Your dad lives by a strict code of honor and he is patriotic. He always has the strong sense of duty and responsibility to his country and family. He always holds the leadership position at work and he never makes any mistake. He is hardworking, persevering; a rock-solid dad who always keeps the family ship steady.

Captain Family

6.Father Ferocious- Hulk

The dad with full of temper. An angry dad may be a fearful character but he always maintains the discipline in the home. He is the main reason plans execute quickly and things run smoothly. The best part of this type of dad displays the soft part occasionally. For an example, you crashed the car and were in full of terror because you were expecting dad to explode but surprisingly your dad did nothing and asked you softly if you are all right.

Father Ferocious - Hulk

7.My Source Of Wisdom-Professor Xavier

Your dad is a person who reads and thinks a lot. Man with deep insight and profound experience, the conversation with your dad is always enlightening. He is the ultimate person you always turn to when it comes to understanding a complicated subject or choosing the right partner of your life. Your dad is a perfect superhero like professor Xavier from X-Man characters.

Now you might have already realized what kind of superhero your dad is. This Father’s day, honor your dad with a nice surprise gift and have an excellent Father’s day celebration.

My Source of Wisdom-Professor Xavier

No matter what kind of superhero character your father has, you should always give your best effort to make Father’s Day occasion unforgettable by purchasing the best Father’s Day gifts.