Knowingly Or Unknowingly Our Indian Daddies Have Left Few Questions Unanswered. It’s Time You Do Some Digging

Known to be Mr. Know It All, our fathers have all the answers when it comes to our life. Why did we score fewer marks, why were we late last night, who are we texting with and so on. But it’s time that we become stiff as a rocky mountain and ask him few interesting questions that we’d meaning to know since forever.
To every kid, hope you can relate to it. To every Father, hope you enjoy this fun-filled digging!

An Angry Dad

1. Why wasn’t I invited in your marriage?

You got to answer for once and for all.

2. My teacher teaches me. Mom teaches me. Why can’t you be fun?

All the Daddies in the world, every kid want to take you to their fun world of the playground.

3. Dad, I got A+. When will you show me your report card?

Because we also come with our batch of queries.

4. Dad was I adopted?

Sometimes you make us believe the unimaginable.

5. Since when revealing sarees and lehengas are better than dresses?

You mention skirt, he says no. Shorts. No. You say dress. Big No!

6. Daddy, was I actually born in the sky?

Come on! You can open up now! Hiding it won’t help.

7. You say I am your kid. Then why do you say we need no other pet in our house?

Compared to a dog, a cat and what not!

8. Why Do I need to grow up to know some of the answers?

To know all the answers, either we have to grow up or have to hear his life story. Again!

9. Dad, you always say we shouldn’t talk to strangers. Then what’s with arrange marriage thingy?

Your life bible is confusing us at every point in our lives! Please shower some clarity.

10. You began your life journey with Rs.10. Will I be able to reach the nearby metro station with such amount?

You can take all your time to answer.

11. You say never compare people. Then why all of a sudden Sharma Ji ka beta comes in the picture.

Neighbourhood’s Sharma Ji’s son has given every parent some serious career goals.

12. Good things in life are never free. Why do you ask for free dhaniya and Mirchi then?

We understand you want us to know the value of things, the hard work that you’ve done. But Dhaniya and Mirchi are perfect for a sumptuous chutney, let’s not call it for free.

After you guys are done with this Father’s Day special rapid-fire round, hug every question out with unique Father’s Day gifts.