Convey The Best B’Day Wishes With The Headturners July Birth Flowers

As you all know each month has a birth flower associated with it but, do you know that the people who are born in July are a bit luckier because they are blessed with not just one but two gorgeous birth flowers. So, if there is someone's birthday coming up in July, don’t waste much of your time in finding a meaningful birthday gift for him or her as you can surprise with a much more meaningful birthday gift- the Water Lily and the Larkspur.

July Birth Flowers

Scroll below to find out why the stunning July birth flowers make the best birthday gifts for those born in July:

The first July birth flowers are the “Queen of the aquatics-The Waterlily”. With a divine appearance, water lilies have been a symbol of purity and love since time immemorial. According to the language of flowers, these majestic blooms are the perfect flowers to convey emotions of love, affection, and adoration. In the spiritual context, the Waterlily symbolizes resurrection as these flowers close their blossoms during darkness and open them with the first ray of the sun. Water lilies are found in a rainbow of colors like white, pink, orange, blue, and red.

surreal water lily

Here are some of the interesting facts about the surreal water lily you should know about:

  • A single water lily flower changes its color from white to Pink while it is in full bloom.
  • Water Lily is the only flowers that bear fruits and can be found throughout the year.
  • The roots of the water lilies are rich in starch and are thus uses as raw materials for making starch flour.
  • Water lilies are one of the most ancient flowering plants and were first found in the 19th century.

The Larkspur, on the other hand, resembles parts of the Lark (bird) due to the shape of the flowers. These are perennial flowers which can grow up to 8 feet tall and can survive for around three long years. These long flowers symbolize an open heart and devoted love. These flowers grow in tall spikes usually in shades of blue like the February birth flower-Iris. You can also find them in shades of pink, red, yellow, and purple. According to the Greek mythology, the mother of the greatest warrior Achilles requested to give her son’s armor to the bravest warrior during the Battle of Troy and thus, the armor was awarded to Ulysses. This made Ajax so upset that he threw himself on his sword and small blue Larkspur flowers bloomed everywhere as the blood dropped on the ground.

Larkspur Flowers

Read further, to know about some of the interesting facts about Larkspur here:

  • Native Americans used Larkspur flowers to make blue dye and ink.
  • In ancient times, larkspur flowers were to used as deterrents for scorpions. In Transylvania, dried larkspur was used to keep witches away.
  • In England, larkspur flowers were used to cure ailments and to kill parasites.
  • Larkspurs were very popular as gift flowers during the Victorian period.

While these two gorgeous flowers have different meanings in the Language of Flowers, they symbolize the same things-love, big-heartedness, and purity of the soul. Therefore, this is why these birthday flowers make the most meaningful birthday gifts for your loved ones. You can also find the birth flower for August or January or any other month and embrace your loved ones on their birthdays in the language of flowers.