Tips And Tricks To Woo Your Boo This Chocolate Day

“Chocolate is happiness that you can eat.” But the happiness you feel like eating but can’t resist is your cute Boo. As the chocolate day is just around the corner, why sacrifice one true love for another, right? Rather, treat one love with another love to leave your “LOVE” speechless with your sweet gestures. If your partner said that he/she doesn’t fall for such gestures, then trust us he/she would surely fall for it, this time. And what’s better than planning a chocolicious date for your partner. Right? So, here’s what you need to do to make this valentine chocolate day cherishable till the very last breath of your significant other. Most of these chocolate day gift ideas or date ideas come with a dash of DIY in it, which makes it even more personal and special.

Tips To Woo

1. Pick Your Date

Be a gentleman/woman and pick your date from his/her doorstep. Nothing makes us feel sexier than the fact when someone shows their kindness or humbleness. So, whether that person is in the same city, as yours or is coming back from some other place just to be around you, during this special time of the year, make sure you go an extra mile to pick him or her up in a cab or to the airport (according to the scenario).

Pick Your Date

Pro tip: While you go to pick up your partner, makes sure you don’t go empty-handed. If you are going to pick “him”, then carry a personalised wine bottle chocolate bouquet, whereas if you are going to pick “her”, then carry a beautiful chocolate teddy bouquet. While you were wondering to get these chocolates online ordered, we would like you to suggest to craft it on your own to personalise your love in it. There are very many youtube videos that you can think of considering and saving a few bucks while doing so!

2. Good Food, Good Mood

While you have thought of chocolate valentine gifts for your Boo, the next step would be to craft your food and dessert menu. No matter how thoughtful chocolate day special gift you give, but there is nothing like food or dessert that can help you leave a forever mark on your lover’s heart. As it is chocolate day, what’s better than designing a chocolicious menu?

Good Food, Good Mood

Pro tip: You can order online from some restaurants or bakeries, but preparing it with your love would surely make a difference. For starters, you can go with chocolate chip cookies or starter bread or some fries to go with chocolate dip. Then, for the main course, you can opt for chocolate pasta, tacos, chicken wings or some other seafood tossed in chocolate sauce. Well, for desserts, there are a lot of options from ice cream to fudge cake to many more. The recipes of all these can be easily found over the world wide web, once you google it.

3. Seize The Day With a Kiss

After relishing a dinner, like this, one can very well assume how their night is gonna turn up. So, it becomes quite evident for you to be kiss ready. To make sure that you have a great kiss(es) in your foreplay, your mouth should be bad breath proof. What you can do is make a DIY chocolate balm or a scrub, one for you and one for your Boo to be all kiss-ready. Let there be no dull moment but only happy intimate precious moments of love around you both, as you celebrate the chocolate date.

Seize The Day With a Kiss

Pro tip: To spice things up a bit, we would suggest that you can prepare a chocolate sauce and dip some strawberries in it. Both of them being an excellent aphrodisiac, it shall create a moment of sparkling love in bed.

So, these were a few tips and tricks to woo your Boo, this chocolate day with a personal touch of yours in every step. Other than these, gifting something special, thoughtful or for keepsakes can also spark up the romance between you both. You can go for some customised chocolates, chocolate hampers, chocolate combos, and much more to leave your lover surprised to the core.